Four Feathers Podcast: Episode 2 – Barstool Chief

Listen to Episode 2 of Four Feathers with Barstool Chief

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Episode Air Date: 9/28/18

Jonnie Nonnie, Tony Marchese, and Tyler Jones welcome Ron Luce for his debut appearance on Four Feathers. The first guest of the podcast, Barstool Chief, steals the show. The crew closes it out with some discussion of Gritty, the Flyers new mascot and internet sensation.

0:00 – Intro
1:02 – Meet Ron Luce
3:29 – Rundown
4:12 – Barstool Chief
49:00 – Crew thanks Chief
50:21 – Blackhawks Nation content links
51:33 – Why Jonnie’s Eastern Conference team is the Flyers
54:08 – Girtty, the most terrifying mascot in hockey

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