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3 Reasons: Why The Chicago White Sox Should Sign Michael Brantley

What’s going on White Sox fans, allow me to (re)introduce myself to the White Sox blogging scene. I go by the twitter moniker ChiSoxJonda & Co-Host the ChiSoxWeekly podcast with my site-mates Tony Marchese & Jonnie Nonnie. I want to start this post by giving a shout out to Tony and Jonnie for getting this site up and running over the last few weeks, the reason I haven’t blogged in about 6 months is because the group Tony & I started off with called “ChiSportsNation” was looking for more formal writing, and well lets be honest.. FUCK that.. the whole point of a blog is to differentiate yourself from the mainstream media in my opinion. So here I am back and better than before thanks to us becoming Independent. (finally)

Now, let us get to the main point of this post now that my probably punctuation-ally incorrect introduction is out of the way.


Most people probably wonder where the Michael Brantley fandom stems from, like “why is ChiSoxJonda so obsessed w/ Michael Brantley” or even haters *cough* my co-host Tony Marchese *cough* will go to certain lengths, such as making dumb ass(yet funny) memes saying I want MB more than I want Bryce which is like 93% FALSE.

Let’s just ignore the fact that Brantley posted a 3.6 WAR last year by himself.. that’s already 3x better than any outfielder the Sox put out last year. In fact the White Sox leading outfielder in WAR was none other than Daniel Palka with .7 as a matter of fact, the White Sox outfield as a whole in 2018 (8 different outfielders) posted a COMBINED -1.3 WAR according to FanGraphs. So let me just hammer right the fuck into this.


he is statistically better than EVERY single player from the 2018 White Sox offensively, screw power numbers I’m talking getting on base. his 2018 slash line was .309avg/.364obp/.468slg that makes for a .832 OPS which would (behind Matt Skole & Dustin Garneau, DOESN’T COUNT) have given him the highest OPS on the 2018 Chicago White Sox as well.


MLB Trade Rumors predicted that Michael Brantley and Andrew McCutchen would get similar deals in a june blog post about upcoming free agency, they actually predicted 3 Years for $45MM each. With McCutchen just signing with the Phillies for 3 Years $50MM sounds like they’re about right (so far). It was reported by Ken Rosenthal on MLB Networks Winter Meeting special yesterday that the Sox only have $5MM!!! on the books for 2020. Holy Shit that is INSANE. 3 Yrs $50MM would be a lot for an injury prone player like Brantley who will be entering the season at Age 31 but if you got it… BALL THE FUCK OUT JERRY.


No the fuck I won’t, but I bet I got your attention right there. If (when) Michael Brantley inevitably signs with our Chicago White Sox I will however purchase a Michael Brantley Jersey. This is a big step for me because like good friend of the show Sox Machines Josh Nelson, im typically a huge Shirsey guy.. MLB Jerseys are expensive unless you buy them from like China or some shit and sometimes around Christmas time. Josh made a good point earlier in the year about it.

Although I must say, if i had an Adam Eaton Jersey it would be collecting lighter fluid and a match because fuck that guy.

Welp, thanks for riding my first no guideline blog wave. Tony’s either going to love me or hate me for this. If you haven’t checked out Episode 25 of ChiSoxWeekly yet with Seby Zavala definitely go check that shit out. until next time Go Sox.


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