Four Feathers Podcast: Episode 17 – Hit The Break Running

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Episode Air Date: 1/24/19

Tony Marchese, Ron Luce, and Jonnie Nonnie discuss the past week of Blackhawks games, playoff speculation, hypothetical trades, Kane’s comments on Seabrook, the defensive logjam, power play success, and new-look lines. Other topics include injury updates, Ron’s final farewell to Jan Rutta, Barry Smith returning to the front office, and a prospect report.

0:14 – Intro
1:44 – The Past Week of Games
10:36 – Playoffs?! Pump the Brakes
23:23 – Addressing the “Trade Kane” Talk
33:10 – Kane’s Comments on Seabrook: “Heart and Soul of the Blackhawks”
43:56 – Defensive Logjam: Who Gets Moved?
49:29 – Scorching Hot Power Play
59:42 – Colliton’s “Update” on Crawford
1:06:14 – Other Injuries
1:07:24 – Ron’s Farewell to Jan “Pylon” Rutta
1:11:13 – Barry Smith Back to the Front Office
1:15:55 – Prospect Report
1:19:40 – The Week Ahead
1:20:38 – Wrap Up

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