Four Feathers Podcast: Episode 22 – Dormant At The Deadline

Listen to Episode 22 of Four Feathers

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Episode Air Date: 2/25/19

Tony Marchese and Jonnie Nonnie discuss the past week of games, Kane’s point streak coming to an end, and what the Blackhawks standing pat at the trade deadline means going forward. The show wraps up with a prospect report, what to expect from Crawford in his return, the playoff picture, and a preview of the week ahead.

0:16 – Intro
1:00 – The Past Week of Games
7:01 – Kane’s Point Streak Comes to an End
8:48 – Hawks Stand Pat at the Trade Deadline: What Does it Mean Going Forward?
28:00 – Gritty’s Antics at the Stadium Series
34:05 – Prospect Report
35:57 – News Updates
36:17 – Crawford is Back: What Should We Expect?
45:06 – The Playoff Picture
52:47 – The Week Ahead
59:57 – Wrap Up

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