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Absolute Insanity: Tim Anderson Got Suspended

Baseball doesn’t practice what it preaches when it comes to “Let the Kids Play”

BREAKING NEWS: The MLB has suspended Tim Anderson one game “because of language used during the benches-clearing incident with Kansas City.” Are you kidding me? Language? How old is he? Seven? He flipped a bat. The Royals pitcher, Brad Keller, threw a tantrum and hurled a baseball at Anderson’s hip, so Anderson gets punished for that and LANGUAGE? Keller, on the other hand, is suspended FIVE GAMES. FIVE GAMES. That is one start being pushed back one day for a starting pitcher. How are these punishments equal?! Chris Archer got the same suspension for throwing at Derek Dietrich. This has to be fixed immediately.

MLB needs new leadership. You tout an advertising campaign of “Let the Kids Play,” then you suspend a kid for playing. Isn’t that a little bit hypocritical, or are you trying to profit off of the young talent in the league that likes to have fun? Look, MLB, the issues with the current game aren’t the length of the game or how long it takes for a pitcher to throw the ball. It’s advertising. It’s actually letting the kids play. It’s announcers complaining about the current crop of talented ballplayers that like to celebrate success. Those are the more pertinent issues in the MLB.

Tim Anderson got screwed here. There is no other way of putting it. He celebrated a home run, and the “fun police” got him kicked out of a game and suspended for doing so. Tim Anderson is the perfect example of what is great for baseball. Complex Sports tweeted about him. ESPN had a segment about him. Celebrities were tweeting about him. The list goes on. This was trending across every single platform. Anderson better bat flip they next time he plays the Royals. He should bat flip so far, it goes into the Royals dugout. If the league is ok with retaliation, I guess that’s fair game then. I still hate the Royals.

We need Hawk back to yell about this. Here’s Hawk after Quintana got tossed *ironically* for throwing the ball at the batter. I’m not advocating for that, but Hawk’s tirade encompasses how I feel about Anderson’s unwarranted suspension.


Featured Photo: CBS Sports

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