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The Cubs Are Feeling Alright

The Cubs have cut down their team ERA and walks, which has led to a noticeable improvement.

Way back when I was a rookie at this blog game, I wrote about the Chicago Cubs early struggles, particularly that they were self-inflicted with errors and walks and course correction was coming. You can see it here if you don’t believe me.

I wrote that on Sunday, April 14th. At the time Cubbies were 5-9, had a 5.43 team ERA, 5.05 BB/9 and had committed 15 errors through 14 games. Since that day, the team ERA is at 2.63 with a 3.42 BB/9, and the boys have committed six errors across those 12 games. And wouldn’t you know it, their record over that span is 9-3. Craziness.

It’s exactly what you, I, and everyone else is thinking right now. I motivated the Cubs and Joe Maddon in a way that circus animals, jugglers, and red wine could not. Not trying to act like Maui over here, but…

The Cubs open up a brief two-game series in Seattle tonight looking to keep the momentum rolling. After that, the division-leading Cardinals visit the Friendly Confines for a three-game weekend set. Now is the time to pounce, let’s go boys. Everybody In.

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