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My Perfect First Sour: Sea Quench Ale

A review of Dogfish Head Sea Quench Ale

I never had a sour beer before. A friend of mine told me about them and I scoffed, thinking it sounded disgusting. Then I found myself perusing the beer section after grocery shopping at my local farmer’s market, which I really should have gone to first considering I had frozen items and chicken in my cart as I spent 20 very indecisive minutes staring at the beer cooler.

I saw the Dogfish Head sitting there and was naturally drawn to it by the very attractive label. It says on the box: “brewed with lime peel, black limes, and sea salt.” I thought to myself: what the heck is a black lime? Needless to say, I was already intrigued. As I pondered and paced for another few minutes, I kept coming back to the Sea Quench Ale. I remembered what my friend told me about sour beers, so knowing I had other beer at home just in case I didn’t enjoy it, I decided it was time to try something new.

Boy, was I surprised. I fully expected to crack open a liquified, alcoholic sour patch candy. Let me tell you, it was nothing of the sort. The first thing to hit my palate was the amazingly tart lime flavor. It has a citrusy burst that was refreshingly tasty. Then the next thing I noticed was the salty aftertaste. It was almost like taking a deep breath while standing on a pier facing the ocean. It was truly delightful.

I give Sea Quench Ale a 9/10! I absolutely loved it, and it has most definitely opened up a whole new world for me in sour brews that I never would have given thought to before. It’s available year round, has a 4.9% ABV and an IBU of 10. Its light and citrusy tang goes very well with seafood or grilling out on a hot summer day. I highly recommend it, whether you’re an experienced indulger of the sour variety or brand new to it.

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