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Your team only has 27 outs per game. Don’t give up 3.7% of your chances because of stupidity.

Since the beginning of the season, I noticed a trend of poor base-running between second and home. I narrow-mindedly looked at this as just having enough bad base-runners on the team originally, but that’s too simple of a scapegoat. I’ve since realized the problem, in a glaring way, no doubt. It’s Nick Capra, the White Sox third base coach. Last Thursday, the White Sox were losing 3-2 to the defending World Series champion Boston Red Sox. David Price was pitching. The White Sox had finally gotten to him. Abreu walked. James McCann doubled to the gap, and Capra idiotically sent Abreu home, where he was out by a good 9 feet. Why would he do that? There was one out when this happened. Luckily, the Sox scored another run in the inning to tie it, but for a moment, this looked to be the difference in the ballgame.

Today, the White Sox were up 4-0 when on a Yoan Moncada double, Nick Capra sent Leury Garcia home. Again, Garcia was out by a mile. Now, you see the trend. It’s only May. Capra could have many more of these by the end of the season, but this team isn’t very good. Given the weaknesses throughout the pitching staff, the White Sox cannot afford to give free outs to other teams. Sabermetrics is a broad topic, but the emphasis is pretty simple: DON’T GIVE UP OUTS. It could be the influence of Ricky Renteria rejecting common sense and giving up outs by sacrifice bunting. Your team only has 27 of them per game. Don’t give up 3.7% of your chances because of stupidity. Choose someone else on the coaching staff to coach third base. It’s an easy fix.

Here is a small run expectancy chart from Tantotiger. This is from 2010-2015, but the point is you should not give up outs, unless you’re only playing for one run late in games.

Featured Photo: USA Today

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