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Ricky’s Lineup Roulette: Play At Your Own Risk

Ricky’s Lineup Roulette is a lower probability game than what you’d see at any casino.

In yesterday’s narrow 2-0 victory over the Indians, Ricky Renteria trotted out a very questionable lineup. Fans on Twitter seemed to erupt and began to make claims that Ricky pulled the names out of a hat. Well, he didn’t pull names out of a hat today as he is trotting out a very similar lineup in today’s matchup.

Based on the tone, even Daryl himself is somehow surprised about this. Let’s dive in further…

I think I have an educated guess as to why Ricky constructed this mess. He clearly is reading very heavily into stacking the lineup to alternate between right-handed and left-handed batters from top to bottom. This is a great strategy when you have the resources to pull this off. However, there’s one major issue at hand here… WE DON’T HAVE THE RESOURCES!

On what planet is Nicky Delmonico a two hitter? Correct answer: zero planets. Delmonico never has been and never will be a two hitter. Yoan Moncada has great numbers in the two hole and I don’t envision him hitting lead off in the future. SO LEAVE HIM IN THE TWO HOLE.

Tim Anderson batting below Charlie Tilson and a struggling Welington Castillo? Timmy is having his own struggles in May, but he was also the best player in the whole American League in April (which is all the more impressive that he did it playing in Chicago’s nonideal weather conditions for hitting).

Blasphemy… It’s almost as if Ricky wants this team to lose.

Give me the lineup card and I would trot something like this out there:

  • Tilson
  • Moncada
  • Abreu
  • Alonso
  • Anderson
  • Castillo
  • Delmonico
  • Cordell
  • Sanchez

It’s still not visually appealing by any means, but it’s definitely much better than what our skipper is putting out there. If Ricky couldn’t hear the fans coming for his head after yesterday, maybe he should clean his ears out.

Featured Photo: The Athletic

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