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Bears Have the Most Bets to Win the Super Bowl

Bears the favorite?

The Bears are most bet on team to win the Super Bowl! They’re followed by the Browns, Chiefs, Saints, and Cowboys, respectively.

I call this wishful thinking, at best, with three of these top five. Legitimately, the Saints and Chiefs have the best chances at winning the Super Bowl next season and I’m surprised they’re not higher on this list. I believe this is the large market that is Chicago and the fans being hopeful.

I’m not saying that I don’t think they can do it because I truly do. I think next season is going to be a much harder task than some fans like to admit. They have to play the Chiefs, Saints, Rams, Chargers, and they also lost Vic Fangio. It’s no easy task by any means.

As for the Browns and Cowboys, let’s be honest here, Cowboys fans always think “this is our year” and I don’t believe they made enough improvements in the off-season to contend for a championship. The Browns have a legitimate chance at taking their division, but I think the Odell Beckham Jr. shocker has everyone prematurely jumping on the Browns pseudo-hype train.

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2 years ago

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