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Mitch Trubisky Slams Beer Right in Aaron Rodgers’ Face

Mitch Trubisky is ready to take over. He won’t back down on the field and he surely won’t back out of a beer drinking competition.

The internet was abuzz last week when Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was at the Milwaukee Bucks playoff game. His lineman, David Bakhtiari, chugged a beer in impressive time on the video board. Then, the camera panned to Rodgers and boy did he disappoint.

Embarrassing. All that time in Green Bay, Wisconsin and this dude didn’t figure out how to drink a beer? Their entire diet in that town is beer and cheese. I’m pretty sure Green Bay has to trade Rodgers to the LA Rams now, he’d fit in much better out there.

Now, Rodgers’ fellow NFC North quarterbacks are making it their mission to embarrass the Packers quarterback. Matthew Stafford was so embarrassed by Rodgers’ performance that he quickly had to show the California boy how it’s done.

Now, enter the new King of the North. Mitch Trubisky is ready to take over. He won’t back down on the field and he surely won’t back out of a beer drinking competition. Well, then again, calling it a competition after what Rodgers did is an oversell, but the point remains. Show him how a man does it, Mitch.

Beer chug: Clutch. Cup flip after: Elite. Not to be lost in the shuffle, Kyle Long absolutely obliterated his beer. Props to him. Notice how Mitch was drinking with his lineman and not across a basketball court from them? That’s the difference. Trubisky’s teammates actually like him.

We still haven’t seen a response from Vikings QB, Kirk Cousins, but do we really want to? Vikings’ fans probably don’t even want to. This is the guy who couldn’t even fill the shoes of Case Keenum. Go ahead and sit this one out, Kirk.

The Bears are back. Mitch is coming into his own. He and his teammates are now the kings of the north. Come September 5th, the Bears will be slamming the Packers all around Soldier Field. As for now, they’ll have to settle for slamming beers in Rodgers’ face on the South Side.

Featured Photo: Mitchell Trubisky/Twitter

Patrick is an avid Chicago sports fan. He is a Blackhawks season ticket holder. Blogging all things Bears, Blackhawks and White Sox, Chicago is well covered. Oh, and catch him talking and drinking on Four Feathers Podcast and Bears On Tap.

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