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Virginia is READY for Another Championship!

McCaskey’s Monsters are here to stay.

The Bears convention is wrapping up today and it’s ever so clear how appreciative the organization is for us fans. Players like Trey Burton and David Montgomery spending time with the fans and playing with the children is such a wonderful sight to see. You can really feel the love around this team, especially from the McCaskey family.

Virginia McCaskey on the Bears throwback to 1936 jerseys: “Well I was in the first or second year of high school at that point so I wasn’t really paying attention to the jerseys. I was more interested in the players wearing them.”

*Mic Drop*

In my almost 30 years as a Bears fan, I can’t remember a time where Virginia McCaskey was more excited for this team. Watching her talk about this current team you can see the excitement in her eyes. Same goes for George, his passion for this team is palpable. I love seeing the owners of such a historic franchise spread their love and passion. It makes me proud to be a Bears fan.

I admit I’ve criticized the McCaskey family before. The philosophy of making money over bringing home a title was polluting the air, but it seems that has all changed.

From hiring Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy to spending big dollars on Khalil Mack, the Chicago Bears’ culture has transformed into an organization that is taking the NFL by storm. George and Virginia McCaskey have made their priority building something great in this city and we can see that it’s working.

Can you say Super Bowl favorites? The McCaskeys sure can. Las Vegas sure can. Raise your heads high Bears fans, the Monsters of the Midway are here to stay.

Featured Photo: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Husband and father, Chicago (mostly) sports fan, total gym rat and geek enthusiast. I write for OnTapSportsNet and talk fantasy football on the Fantasy Hour On Tap. Gaming, movies, TV shows, books, and bodybuilding/strongman are some of my other passions. A good-tasting white ale goes well with any sporting event. #Crackum

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