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Madden 20 Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Future

Finally, it is that time of the year again! The official start of Madden season.

Finally, it is that time of the year again! The official start of Madden season. This is always a fun time of the year. Tuesday was the first official launch of the game if you ordered the Ultimate edition or the Superstar edition, both of which cost $40 or $20 more, respectively. The standard edition comes out on Friday August 2nd.

Photo Credit: EA Sports

The Good

Right off the start you notice the player movement. Players movements are smoother in this game, which makes the game better to start with. The biggest upgrade to the game is the fact that superstar players finally feel special. This was due to the addition of Superstar abilities, which is in every game mode in Madden. The elite players in the game have X-Factors, which truly make them the best players on the field. Finally, we saw a return of career mode as well. Even though it is only partially returned, that means it is trending in the right direction and should continue to grow. Another fun upgrade was made to the playbooks in the game via additions of some new trick plays, including run-pass option (RPO) plays. A nice touch in franchise mode is the addition of the scenario engine, which adds more goals each week for the gamer to experience. All of these items are also going to continue to be upgraded during the life cycle of the game.

Photo Credit: EA Sports

The Bad

Sadly, the one glaring issue is that franchise mode has not upgraded much, if at all, from last year’s game. It is being said that a few things will be added during the year, but let’s see if that happens. There are a few game-play issues this year. The first is that the AI still needs some work in order to become more realistiic. The second issue is that the “no huddle” feature is way too unrealistic. The offense lines up in about three seconds, which is unrealistic and almost unfair to a defense that can’t adjust. Another thing that still needs some work is the immersion. They did remove the referees from the field which was a weird change. When it comes to immersion, it is fun when it feels like a normal NFL game.

Photo Credit: EA Sports

The Future

There are some building blocks in place to really show that Madden is on the right path. Tons of fans want some additions that are needed to enhance franchise mode. Over the last several years they did not pay any attention to that mode during the year. So, we shall see what they do during the next few months. The biggest concern for people right now is that the game plays well, leading to the thought that it will digress. People are asking for the developers to avoid patching the game numerous times, as they did in previous years. The patches seemed to slow the game play, taking away from the enjoyment of Madden. It finally seems that after years of fans complaining, the development team is listening to the fans and trying to add what they desire. Now let’s see what happens in the future.

Photo Credit: EA Sports


After a few days with the game and really looking into some of the things mentioned above, I find the game to be fun and a decent step forward for Madden. Gameplay is always the biggest thing that can make or break the game each year, and its very enjoyable this year. This is a game that should be on your gaming system if you love the sport of football.

Final grade: 7.5/10

Featured Photo: EA Sports

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