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Beer Review: Not Your Mom’s Iced Tea

A review of Small Town Brewery’s Not Your Mom’s Iced Tea

I am a huge iced tea fan. I am also a huge alcohol fan. Since I specifically fancy beer, it’s practically heaven on earth when you throw iced tea into the mix.

Not Your Mom’s Iced Tea is a godsend. It’s refreshing, delicious, and packs a slightly stronger alcohol percentage than your everyday domestic. The beer has subtle carbonation that minimizes its head during pouring. The taste is not the only great thing about it. The name is the perfect description. Many people, past and present, north and south, enjoy homemade tea, and it is just that. Not Your Mom’s Iced Tea reminds you of that fresh homemade sweetness to a tee. It is brewed out of Small Town Brewery in Wauconda, Illinois. The Iced Tea is a spiced beer crafted with tea leaves and lemon juice to give it a sweeter taste than your normal tea drinks, such as Twisted Tea (also a big fan).

I love Bud Light; it’s without a doubt my favorite beer. However, some days when it’s 95 degrees out it can be hard to put them back. Grab a six-pack of these bad boys to settle in with before you go to your domestic drink of choice. Hell, you can just drink these all damn day. As I write this, I want to blast some country music, hop in my pool, and just hang out on a raft until the sun goes down. Happy International Beer Day and remember to Crack Um!

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