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Fading Away: Mitchell Trubisky

What a start to the 2019 season for the Chicago Bears.

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What a start to the 2019 season for the Chicago Bears. In classic Bears fashion, they came out and looked great on defense. But, this season everyone really thought this offense would come out and step up their game right away. Well, just like in the past, this offense came out and did nothing. This was truly not what any fan was expecting. The final score was 10-3. Yes, they held Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to only 10 points during this game, but if the Bears could keep the Packers offense contained, they would figure out they could win that game pretty easily.

Photo: Chicago Bears

Now, all over Chicago, there are already talks of what to do going into next season at quarterback. Yes, people are already bailing on Mitchell Trubisky this early. Let’s remember it was only one game and the Bears started 2018 the same way. It was not a good performance at all for the offense, but to bail already?

So, let’s take a look back at the 2017 NFL Draft. The top three quarterbacks that were taken were Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson. The Bears that year moved up one spot and took Trubisky. Where as the Chiefs took Mahomes at the 10th overall selection and the Texans took Watson at the 12th overall selection. It did seem as if the Bears made an unnecessary move up for their guy. The reason for really bringing this up is because over the last year, people all around the NFL are saying “Oh, the Bears could have stayed at three and got Mitch or even drafted one of the other two”. Yes, that is true. Surprisingly enough though, looking over draft grades from that year with the those three players, Mitch was the top out of the three. All of them had some decent positives and some glaring issue that scared people away.

Photo Credit: NFL

That truly shows that even the draft “experts” thought higher of Trubisky. Many factors really go into last nights game. The sole blame can not be put on our quarterback. The offensive line was not playing well for him. Could that be the change at guard and center? That will have an affect for now. They need to get it together because that caused a lot of penalties as well. A huge part of the blame can also be put on Matt Nagy. The play calling was poor. They only had twelve designed runs, which is terrible. They got away from the run game in the second half when they were only down a few points. Also, the way they used some of the offensive weapons was poor. Anthony Miller only got one pass thrown to him and David Montgomery only ran the ball six times. They need to fix this offense and get ready for the Broncos.

Photo Credit: Matt Cashore

So Bears fans, do not turn your backs on this squad yet. From here on out they do need to step it up and do it quickly because they are really behind the curve now.

Featured Photo: USA Today

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