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Mitch Trubisky Has Some Interesting (Infuriating) Comments Today at Halas Hall

The Bears QB1 handled today’s press conference about as well as he handled the Packers defense in week one.

It has been six days since the Packers came into Soldier Field and beat the Bears. The fanbase was enraged with the offense scoring three points, and rightfully so. Six days removed, there has been time to cool off and focus the attention toward Denver, because we are onto Denver after all. We were feeling better, and then Mitchell Trubisky met the media at Halas Hall Wednesday and pissed us off all over again.

A couple of his comments stood out. In particular, three of his comments were absolutely ridiculous. I get it, he’s young. These press conferences are meaningless. But when you aren’t performing on the field, don’t suck at the microphone too.

The first comment kind of started everything off. Trubisky was asked a question about the Packers game. His response:

Wait, what? This was the first time you’ve spoken to the media since after that game. Nothing to say? No answers? You scored three points. Yes, the offensive line paid you no favors. Your head coach had possibly his worst game ever. But still, you were horrid. Answers are necessary after what happened.

There’s another angle to be discussed within that comment. You’re just going to hide behind the organization so you don’t have to talk about how badly the offense performed? That is incredibly soft. Not a good look at all. It’s also not a good look to sell out whoever told you not to speak about the game. You are better than that, Mitchell.

Up next on the lineup of head-scratching comments, we have Trubisky thinking this game was closer than it really was.

The ball didn’t bounce your way? What? You are the point guard. You dribble the ball. You, Mitch Trubisky, are in charge of which way the ball bounces. And guess what, you dribbled the ball off your foot, picked it back up and threw it out of bounds.

You didn’t have bad luck. That’s what the expression means. The Bears lost because Mitch Trubisky and the offense scored three damn points. The defense had one of the best games you’ll see against Aaron Rodgers, but the game never even felt close because everyone knew that offense had no shot at putting the ball in the endzone. It wasn’t an instance of luck, it was an instance of incompetence.

Finally, let’s present the worst of the three. This quote means one of two things. Trubisky is either oblivious to reality or is just flat-out lying. Here it is:

You did what now? Trubisky couldn’t have read the defense worse if he tried. He threw to covered receivers when other options were open. He didn’t pick up blitzes. He made the wrong reads on the run-pass option. Mitch, buddy, if you think you read the defense well, the Bears have some huge problems moving forward.

WIDE open to the left. Couldn’t be more open for an easy first down. But ol’ Mitch has to lock in on Allen Robinson and throw into double coverage. Good read.

This is just basic QB 101. Do not throw across your body. Really don’t do that when the receiver is covered. Find one of the two viable options to the right, or just throw it away. Good read.

Yikes. Double coverage. Overthrown. Game over. Adrian Amos. Chicago collectively threw up when this one happened. There really aren’t many other words for this one than “awful.” Good read.

Look, I hate to pile it all on Mitch. I want him to succeed. However, week one was brutal and the press conference today was a joke. Clean it up, Mitch. You have a Super Bowl-caliber defense and enough weapons on offense to get the job done. If you do not figure it out, the Bears have no shot at raising the Lombardi Trophy.

Featured Photo: Rich_Campbell/Twitter

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