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Bears-Broncos Recap: The Mile-High Heist

The Bears luckily got out of Denver with a steal of a win in week two.

I’ve had a full twenty-four hours to digest the events of yesterday’s Bears win in Denver and I have to say, I don’t stomach it any easier. The offense was abysmal. The defense was good, until they gassed out during the most critical drive. The special teams were on point! I’ll agree with my fellow Bears fans: a win is a win. However, this win we’re so tremendously celebrating on social media has left a bad taste in my mouth.

The Bears offense could not get into a rhythm in this game. The first quarter was atrociously scoreless and the second quarter yielded only two field goals. Where was this offensive guru-genius Matt Nagy in the first half? Well, I just don’t know.

In the third quarter, the Bears actually managed to put together a nice drive capped off by a David Montgomery one-yard touchdown run. The Bears were up 13-3 at this point in the game.

The fourth quarter saw the Bears defense fall apart. They were completely exhausted by the end of this game. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here since they were playing at Mile High Stadium and the elevation has been known to get to even the best of the most elite, but you have to prepare for this. They should have flown to Denver earlier in the week to train in the altitude more and really get a feel for how different it is. That one, ladies and gentlemen, is all on head coach Matt Nagy. Shame on you Matt, having previously worked for the Kansas City Chiefs where you traveled to Denver every year, you of all people should have known better.

The defense was so tired they let Joe Flacco come storm down the field to hit Emmanuel Sanders for a seven-yard touchdown, bringing the score to within a point. The Broncos lined up to go for the two-point conversion and they were hit with a delay of game penalty. The pushback here changed Broncos’ head coach Vic Fangio’s mind and they sent out the kicking unit. The ball was snapped, the kick was up, and the extra point was NO GOOD!

The Bears win!

Wait just a heckin’ minute here, there’s a flag on the play… whatever could it be? Oh, it’s only the Bears very own Buster Skrine jumping offsides!

The cringeworthy penalty moved the Broncos closer, and they changed their minds again. This time, they went for the two-point conversion and succeeded with Flacco hitting Sanders again. The Broncos now have the lead, 14-13, and the Bears are in serious trouble. They need a game-winning drive from Mitchell Trubisky, who’s done nothing to bolster the fanbase’s confidence in him.

This drive was pretty much exactly as standard as Trubisky has been so far this season: mediocre. If it weren’t for the bogus roughing-the-passer penalty on Bradley Chubb, the Bears wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to get into field goal range. Then magic happened!

Trubisky scrambled on a fourth and fifteen to hit Allen Robinson for a first down, but there’s no time left!

The Bears came so close but lost.

Hold on now! The referees just put one second back on the clock, claiming Trubisky called the Bears’ final timeout! Nagy sent Eddy Pineiro out to kick a game-winning 53-yard field goal, and he nailed it!

BEARS WIN! (For real this time)

A win is a win, right? I’ll take it, but this one has an asterisk next to it in the win column. I don’t think the Bears should even have had the chance to kick that field goal. The roughing-the-passer penalty was a terrible call, but it went very much in the Bears’ favor. Then, if you watch the Robinson catch again, it really doesn’t look like they got the timeout called in time to have that last chance. The bottom line is the officiating in this game (the whole league, too, if you watched the Saints-Rams game) was bad. They gifted this win to the Bears, and the Bears have a lot of work ahead of them.

They will have a very tough go of things against teams like the Chiefs, Saints, Chargers, and Rams if they continue to play like this. It’s almost a guarantee that they won’t be bailed out by the refs going forward and their schedule only gets harder from here. Let’s take this win, forget about week two, and move on to the Washington Redskins in week three.

Featured Photo: Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports

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