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Breaking Bad On Tap: Revisiting Memorable Moments and Characters ahead of ‘El Camino’ (SPOILERS)

Ahead of the release of ‘El Camino’ on October 11th, we revisited some of our favorite ‘Breaking Bad’ scenes and characters to get you hyped for the next chapter of events in this epic story.

El Camino, a Breaking Bad movie, comes out this Friday, in which we will see the return Jesse Pinkman. Wow. All Breaking Bad fans around the world have been anticipating this moment. What happened to Jesse after the final episode of this epic TV series? Is Huell still in the safe house? What type of fallout will come from the bloody massacre that took place at Jack Welker’s hideout? There are so many questions, and the movie will pick us right from where we were left off.

A few of us at On Tap Sports Net are big Breaking Bad fans, so we decided to compile our favorite characters, our favorite scenes, and our picks for the corniest/funniest scenes throughout the series to get you ready for El Camino. Here it goes.


Favorite Scene: Hank’s Death (Season 5, Episode 14 – “Ozymandias”)

This may seem a tad generic, but Hank Schrader is one of the characters you grow to love. To begin, you think he is just a meathead DEA agent, but as time passes, you realize that he is incredibly smart. This episode is the beginning of the end for all of the major characters in the storyline. Unfortunately, this is where the end of Hank’s comes into play. Todd’s uncle, Jack, is in a shootout with Hank after Hank arrests Walter White. Walt pleads with Jack not to kill Hank, and Hank delivers his most piercing and upsetting culminating line to Walt: “You’re the smartest guy I’ve ever met, but you’re too stupid to see he made up his mind ten minutes ago.” Jack then kills Hank. This is without a doubt my favorite scene, along with many other people because it is the beginning of the end for Walt. He doesn’t have control anymore, like he had the entire series, even with Gus Fring still in the mix.

Favorite Character: Jesse Pinkman

Jesse begins the show as a junkie addict who seems like nothing more than a shady drug dealer and one of Walt’s former students. However, his transformation is impeccable. He becomes sober, is able to replicate Walt’s meth recipe, and is without a doubt the most empathetic character despite getting the short end of the stick in almost everything he does. The audience constantly cheers for Jesse to find a happy ending, and we thought we had it at the end of the TV series. Maybe he will have one at the end of El Camino.

Corniest Scene: Season 3, Episode 3 “I.F.T”

Skylar White uses a phonebook to dial “911” on Walter when he comes storming back into the house. That’s it. That’s the corniest scene in the show, and perhaps in television history.

Jonnie Nonnie

Favorite Scene: The Train Heist (Season 5, Episode 5 – “Dead Freight”)

Picking a favorite scene in Breaking Bad is as hard as picking my favorite Stanley Cup run for the Blackhawks. There is so much greatness throughout the series, I would probably have to write a top-20 list to cover all my bases. Since we don’t have the space for that in this article, I decided to go with a scene that had my heart beating out of my chest.

When Walt and Jesse need more methylamine to continue their cooks, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, head of logistics at Madrigal Electromotive, hooks them up with the information they need to steal a mass quantity of the stuff by intercepting a train moving through a communication black hole in the middle of New Mexico. Wanting to avoid bloodshed, Jesse devises an elaborate plan to extract the methylamine from the train without having to kill the engineer and conductor. After the prep work of burying two 1,000-gallon tanks alongside the train tracks to store the methylamine they plan to steal along with its eventual water replacement is complete, Lydia notifies Mike Ehrmantraut of the shipment information and the plan is set into motion.

Patrick Kuby, one of criminal lawyer Saul Goodman’s henchmen, stops the train by parking his truck on the tracks with a false “mechanical failure.” The engineer and conductor are forced to exit the train to address the blockage on the tracks, and Kuby plays dumb about the engine failure to coax them into helping him with the issue. Meanwhile, Mike gives the sign to begin extracting the methylamine and Walt, Jesse, and Todd Alquist (a Vamanos Pest employee) get to work. In typical Breaking Bad fashion, Walt leaves the grunt work for Jesse, who is tasked with opening the valve on the bottom of the train to allow the methylamine flow into their buried storage container. When a good samaritan with a massive pickup truck offers to move Kuby’s “stalled” truck off the tracks earlier than the rest of the crew anticipated, the plan looks like it may be foiled. When Mike tells Walt to get his guys the hell off the train because of the unexpected helper, Walt selfishly signals for Jesse and Todd to remain in position until they reach their desired volume of methylamine. Every time I watch this scene, I end up fidgeting uncomfortably close to the edge of my seat.

The crew does end up filling the tank with methylamine, but it almost came at the expense of Jesse, who had to lie on the tracks as the train zipped right over him on its way out. Talk about thrilling.

billy mayes GIF

As Walt, Jesse, and Todd celebrate the successful heist, another issue immediately arises. As preluded at the beginning of the episode, a young boy riding his dirt bike through the desert appears across the tracks from the crew and waves at them. As they stand there in shock, Todd eventually waves back but then takes out his gun and shoots the boy, which presents the crew with even more tension to deal with.

I chose the train heist as my favorite Breaking Bad scene not only because of the intensity of the action itself but also due to the emotional rollercoaster it takes you on. When the train operators actually fall for Kuby’s truck stunt, you think things will go just fine. When the good samaritan moves the truck out of the way prematurely, you think the whole operation will be compromised or at least incomplete. When Walt, Jesse, and Todd are celebrating, you think that everything worked out. When the boy on the dirtbike appears, you honestly don’t know what to think. When Todd shoots the boy, you know that a whole new can of worms was just opened. That’s classic Breaking Bad for you.

Favorite Character: Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike Ehrmantraut is by far my favorite character in the Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul universe. Mike gets his title as “the fixer” because he always takes on any job in which his services are required, criminal or otherwise. There are so many scenes that Mike’s presence makes so intense, it’s almost hard to recognize him when he’s in “Pop Pop” mode watching movies with his granddaughter, Kaylee. Unlike characters such as Walter White and Gustavo Fring, Mike isn’t the power-hungry type. He knows his role, uses his strengths to execute whatever needs to be done, and does a damn good job of taking care of business. Mike rarely leaves loose ends and is often tasked with tying up ones that others have left, which makes me respect the hell out of him.

halfmeasures GIF

I’m such a big fan of Mike Ehrmantraut that I even have a sticker of him on the corner of my On Tap Sports Net tailgate cooler.

If you’re not convinced that Mike Ehrmantraut is the most badass character in television history, watch the video below and then try to tell me otherwise.

Funniest Scene: Walt Quits the Car Wash (Season 1, Episode 1 – “Pilot”)

Since DJ stole the corniest scene in the show in his segment of the article, I’m throwing it all the way back to the pilot episode for my funniest scene. Walt snaps at his boss, Bogdan Wolynetz, in a fit of rage to announce that he is quitting the car wash. Aside from the obvious “f*ck you and your eyebrows” quote, Walt’s destruction of the air freshener rack followed by grabbing his crotch and exclaiming “wipe down this” make for a hilarious sequence of events.

Remind you of a particular former Chicago coach?

prove brett favre GIF


Favorite Scene: The Birth of Heisenberg (Season 1, Episode 6 – “Crazy Handful of Nothin”)

Concluding the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad‘s first season, Walt pays a visit to the first boss-level character in the Breaking Bad multiverse, Tuco Salamanca. Earlier in the episode, Tuco steals a pound of meth from Jesse, beating him to a pulp in the process. Walt gives himself the haircut that he would don for the remainder of the show, Bic’d bald. He goes to visit Tuco to recoup his money with a bag of ‘meth’ to help keep the peace. When asked his name, Walt replies with what a non-criminal’s idea of a crime name would be — “Heisenberg.”

Mr. Heisenberg demands $50 grand to cover his stolen meth and Jesse’s pain and suffering. Tuco becomes the first person to severely underestimate Walt as he taunts Walt’s stupidity in bringing more meth, only to find out it’s fulminated Mercury, which Walt uses to blow the shit out of Tuco’s office. Amidst the rubble, Walt walks away from the ground zero he’s created, finally allowing himself to savor his victory in the safety of his car.

There’s a ton I love about this scene, but what stands out to me in this episode is a prime example of why Breaking Bad became what it was, dominating from the cold open on. Cold Opens have been a part of TV for decades, but Vince Gilligan proved it was its own art form with this series. The opening speech to Jesse about no more violence cutting to a visual of Walt leaving the scene had us all hooked. The foreshadowing of having the chemical formula for fulminated Mercury on the chalkboard behind Walt talking about explosives — next level. This ending sequence also gives us the iconic look and criminal name that would come to define the show in the years to come.

Favorite Character: Saul Goodman

A cheesy, dirty lawyer he may well be, but I’ve always loved Saul and what he brought to the show. What I like about Saul is you basically know exactly what you are getting with him. He’s smart as hell; you gotta be to be able to manipulate the law as he does. He’s also fiercely loyal, so long as you aren’t putting him on the line, he’s got your back. He’s by far the funniest character, played to perfection by Kevin Kostner Bob Odenkirk.

Funniest (Most Awkward) Scene: Dinner With the Whites (Season 5, Episode 2 – “Buyout”)

I’m inclined to agree with Nonnie here, DJ’s got the corniest scene locked down. One of my favorite comedic moments in the series is when Walt invites Jesse to join him and Skylar for the most painfully awkward dinner ever. Poor Jesse is just trying to be a polite guest and make conversation about the non-criminal things going on, but the hostility between Walt and Sky bursts through the screen. Aaron Paul as Jesse even aces uncomfortably eating and drinking throughout. It’s a great scene all around.

Well, there you have it. The pop culture team here at On Tap Sports Net has provided our favorite Breaking Bad scenes and characters along with a few of the best comic relief moments from the show. With so much quality material to choose from, some of your opinions are bound to differ from ours. Feel free to weigh in by replying to us on Twitter or leaving a comment on this post!

Get ready, Breaking Bad fans, because we will finally (hopefully) be able to tie up some loose ends that Vince Gilligan left us clinging onto in September of 2013 when the highly anticipated El Camino debuts on Netflix on Friday, October 11, 2019.

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