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*NEW UPDATE* Diaz vs. Masvidal Cancelled?

Will we not be treated to potentially the fight of the year?

This is some seriously disappointing news if this is accurate. According to Nate Diaz’s Twitter, he will not be partaking in the battle for the BMF belt against Jorge Masvidal next Saturday night.

Now, I haven’t seen any other reports yet that depict Nate failing any tests nor have I seen Jorge Masvidal respond on social media.

I would like to point out, at this point, from a marketing standpoint the UFC has a ton to gain from this fight. Two of the biggest names in MMA, as well as two of the biggest fan-favorites squaring off against each other, will make the UFC millions of dollars. Not only is it profitable but this will sincerely please the fans, as it has fight-of-the-year potential.

Dana White doesn’t want to lose out on this fight and neither do we. I think I speak for everyone when I say that this needs to be addressed and corrected.

It would be so entirely disappointing if this super-fight does not happen and Dana White throws in someone like Connor McGregor instead. To me, that’s a huge hammer-fist to the face to us fight fans.

UPDATE: We’ve had a new breakthrough in this situation with Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal. Jorge just tweeted his support for Diaz, and it seems as though something fishy is indeed going on.

As fans, let’s hope this situation gets resolved quickly and no further damage is done.

Featured Photo: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

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