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Did the Double Doink Break Matt Nagy’s Brain?

Maybe the Bears struggles aren’t Matt Nagy’s fault. Maybe the blame should be placed on a deafening sound to Chicagoans’ ears, the double doink.

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At the end of the 2018-2019 NFL regular season, Matt Nagy was the darling of the NFL. He had taken over for John Fox and turned the Bears from a 5-11 team to NFC North champions. The defense was considered among some of the best in Bears history and the offense seemed to have a semblance of a flow with the new guard. Matt Nagy would go on to receive the highest honors a coach can receive in the NFL when he was awarded NFL Coach of the Year.

Everything was coming up Bears up until a brisk January day in Chicago. Matt Nagy had led his Bears to the playoffs for the first time since 2010. The Bears were a sneaky favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. A noise heard ’round Chicago stopped everything. Doink. Doink.

Chicago thought this was just a heartbreaking end to a season. With a young core intact and virtually no key players departing, the Bears had a promising future to once again compete for a Super Bowl in the 2019-2020 season. What Chicago did not know is that the double doink actually broke the Bears’ promising head coach’s brain.

Yes, the double doink broke Matt Nagy’s brain.

The issue of filling the kicker position turned into the narrative of the offseason. No one focused on this more than Matt Nagy. He continuously brought in kickers to see if they could fix this problem. Instead of focusing on their skills, he tested everyone from the exact field goal length from which Parkey had missed. Each kicker would come in and kick from 43 yards. Chicago should have noticed then that something was wrong with the head ball coach.

Unfortunately, Bears fans know how this story continues. The Bears have been one of the most embarrassing teams in the NFL. Their head coach has been under fire for a multitude of reasons, from play calling to the development of his franchise quarterback to the handling of simple questions from the media. Looking further at the stats, the double doink broke his brain. The supposed offensive guru has regressed. Take a look at some of these important stats:

Yards Per Play

  • 2018: 5.4
  • 2019: 4.5

Net Yards Per Passing Attempt

  • 2018: 6.5
  • 2019: 5.0

Rushing Yards Per Attempt

  • 2018: 4.1
  • 2019: 3.6

Third Down Conversions

  • 2018: 41%
  • 2019: 31.4%

Red Zone Touchdown Percentage

  • 2018: 66.7%
  • 2019: 57.1

Obviously, personnel has changed and injuries have hampered the Bears offensive line. Such factors affect these numbers to an extent, but it is truly astonishing that the offense has had a regression in every single one of these numbers. David Montgomery is on pace for 224 carries, which is 26 less than Jordan Howard‘s 250 carries just one year ago. Tarik Cohen had 99 carries last season, and he is on pace for a whopping 52 carries this season. The offense actually has a lower turnover percentage this season (9.3%) as opposed to last (13.2%), yet the offense is the main reason the Chicago Bears continue to lose football games.

The offense has gone from salvageable to the laughing stock of the NFL. Just look at the company they keep thus far.

Just remember, it isn’t Matt Nagy’s fault the Bears continue to struggle. Cody Parkey broke his brain, blame the double doink.

Featured Photo: AP

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