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Trubisky to Play Sunday, but Should he?

Should the Bears ride out Trubisky or experiment with another QB on the roster?

It was announced earlier today that Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is “good to go” for this Sunday’s game against the Giants. Now, I’ve been a Trubisky supporter throughout this difficult season because the truth of the matter is that he’s not the only issue, but we won’t get into all that here.

After the loss to the Rams on national television, the Bears fell to a record of 4-6. That means the absolute best they could finish is 10-6. That includes upsets over the Chiefs, Packers, Vikings, and Cowboys. Realistically, that won’t happen. But for argument’s sake, let’s say it does. The Bears finish at 10-6, but is it enough to get into the playoffs?


The final two wild card spots in the NFC are currently owned by the 8-3 Vikings and the 8-2 Seahawks. Sure, the Bears aren’t mathematically eliminated from playoff contention yet. However, they would need a TON of help getting there, and that’s just not plausible.

So, I propose an experiment for the remainder of the season.

The Bears should start Tyler Bray at quarterback and let it play out. If this hip pointer injury is legitimate, then Matt Nagy should rest Trubisky and see what he’s got in Bray.

This also gives us fans the ability to settle the score, if you will, on the “Mitch is the problem” argument. If the offense flourishes with Bray running it, then I’ll concede my thoughts.

However, if it doesn’t, can we all finally agree that something ELSE has to change?

Featured Photo: Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

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1 year ago

[…] Trubisky to Play Sunday, but Should he?  On Tap Sports Net […]

1 year ago

[…] Trubisky to Play Sunday, but Should he?  On Tap Sports Net […]

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