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You’ve Done It This Time, Jim and GarPax. Way To Piss Me Off.

That’s a wrap on the Bulls season, folks. Hey, Jim! You suck!

Listen, I usually don’t write like this. It’s not my style. If you want to hear me bitch about sports, check out Bull On Tap or Sox On Tap. This time, I cannot help myself. I’ve always been skeptical of the Bulls rebuild attempt. I have always questioned whether or not it could actually work out. This year, I don’t know what it was, but dammit, I believed in this team.

Now, this may be my bullshit Chicago sports loyalty shining through like normal or it could have been a reality. Obviously, it isn’t a reality as the Bulls are absolutely terrible. I bought in this offseason when Juice and I were invited to the United Center for a Chicago Bulls practice. The team seemed to rally around Jim Boylen’s philosophies and played hard for each other out on the court. Then a Q&A came about and Chicago Bulls GM Gar Forman said he truly believed in Jim and the young talent that they have acquired. It was going to be a different kind of season, so he said.

Juice and I ended up living a childhood dream and buying Bulls season tickets that day. Once again, we were trying to believe in our squad and the young talent the front office had put together.


I think the look on my face says it all. These guys are full of shit and sold me on potential. Sure, the potential is there, but the guy who’s supposed to develop this young squad has failed us. Jim Boylen has been a complete asshat and a horrible coach. No one can tell me that the Bulls don’t have enough talent on this team to compete for a playoff spot. They absolutely do. So with all this “young talent,” GarPax decides to choose a coach who’s as hard-headed as Popovich with none of the talent.

Y’all said in the past that if you failed on this rebuild, you would step down. Start packing your bags, boys. This is an absolute disgrace you are putting on in the “House that Jordan Built.” Sorry to rant, everyone. I just cannot hold it in anymore. After Jim called out Zach LaVine to the media last night, it was the straw the broke the camel’s back.

Now, I am not mad because Jim pulled Zach. I am mad that he told the media about it first without talking to Zach. Jim is on record many times saying it is his job to coach and develop the young talent. I guess in his mind that means putting negative energy out there and talking to the media before one of the best players on your squad, right Jim? To just kill his confidence and make him look defeated… that’s your plan, Jimmy? You’re a disgrace.

I’ve had enough of my ranting now. I know they don’t give a shit because idiots like me keep going to every game we can because we love basketball. We love the Bulls. This front office has been a failure and Jim Boylen is a failure right there with ’em.

Featured Photo Credit: Buzz’s IPhizzle

I'm Buzz. I like to drink, watch the Bulls, Sox, BlackHawks, and Bears. That's about it. So, let's #Crackum. Follow @BuzzOnTap on twitter to drink some beers and watch some games.

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Diane Henry
Diane Henry
1 year ago

Hold on criticizing Popovich. Popovich might be hard headed but, he does little things to connect with players so they know he is only doing it because he cares. Popovich used to bring Tim Duncan carrot cake on road trips for crying out loud!!!! Boylen doesn’t have the ability to connect. That fact was shown after Zach LaVine’s 3 point game winner against Charlotte. Boylen’s attempt to celebrate with the players looked like he was a lost sad puppy trying to fit in awkwardly. Boylen is a horrible coach and the players know it.

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