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Brandon Morrow Minor League Deal


On the Pitching Front – Cubs Making Moves to Add to Bullpen

The Cubs have plenty of moves in the works at this week comes to a close.

On Friday afternoon, the Chicago Cubs announced the signing of RHP Dan Winkler to a one-year contract for 2020.

Winkler is not a flashy signing by any means, but this move is in line with what most baseball personnel expected from the Cubs. This is a low-cost move that could play out well given the actual dollars spent.

Winkler appeared in 69 games in 2018 with the Braves and threw 60.1 innings to go along with a 3.43 ERA. Last season, Winkler only appeared in 27 games, sporting a 4.98 ERA. The Cubs are hoping Winkler can return to the 2018 version of himself and become a quality, low-risk signing in 2020.

To supplement the Winkler news, it also appears the Cubs will be bringing back former closer Brandon Morrow. However, this time it will be on a minor-league deal.

This is yet another smart move for the Cubs. If Morrow presents himself as still being a useful bullpen piece, the Cubs can sign him to a reasonable contract and add him back into the bullpen in a middle relief capacity. If the attempt does not pay off, it is no harm to the Cubs from a dollars perspective, which makes for another low-risk/high-reward move by the Cubs’ front office.

It’s unclear of what to expect from the Cubs for the rest of the offseason, but have no doubt that there will be more rumors and whispers than any Cubs’ offseason in recent memory. Be sure to stay tuned with On Tap Sports Net as it all unfolds!

UPDATE: The Cubs and Brandon Morrow have officially agreed to a minor league deal.

Featured Photo: Chicago Tribune

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