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Chicago Bulls Fans Are Starting To Wake Up. It’s Time For A Change.

Last night’s Chicago Bulls announced attendance was 14,755. YIKES.

Last night the Chicago Bulls played the defending NBA Champion Toronto Raptors at the United Center and drew the worst crowd of the year.

The Bulls are off to a terrible start in the 2019-2020 NBA Season sitting at 8 wins and 17 losses. The young talent that has been acquired through trade and drafting has regressed and the product is honestly hard to watch. It seems Bulls fans have finally had enough and have not been showing up to the U.C to support the franchise.

It’s the same old thing time and time again with the Bulls front office making excuses and failing expectations. Gar Forman, John Paxson, and Head Coach Jim Boylen all spewed from the mouth this offseason and during training camp that the Bulls goal was to get into the playoffs. Is it impossible for the Bulls to make the playoffs this year? No, I guess it isn’t. Though, it doesn’t look likely.

Reports came out from The Athletic that John Paxson supports Head Coach Jim Boylen and loves his “tough love attitude” but the Bulls players do not enjoy playing for him. Where is the disconnect here? GarPax built this roster to succeed, not to have a certified High School coach run them into the ground. That’s exactly what has happened thus far.

I have always prided myself on being that “die-hard” fan. This September my podcasting partner and good friend Juice and I went to the United Center for an open Bulls practice and tour of the United Center. It was truly a great time where we were able to meet players and talk to Gar Forman and Jim Boylen about the current state of the Bulls. We were sucked in and bought an eleven game flex–plan. I now regret this decision.

I bought in once again because my over the top fandom got the best of me. After this year, no more of that will be happening. I hope this is a wake-up call to Jerry and Michael Reinsdorf. This is the HOUSE THAT MICHAEL JORDAN BUILT. Within the inner city, basketball is absolutely massive. Yet, you let these two clowns keep running your organization into the ground by hiring yes-men consistently. The one guy who had any balls to stand up to these two goons was fired after having a successful run here. Of course, I am speaking about Tom Thibodeau.

I do not want to see my favorite franchise fail. I hate the fact I have to write like this. The only reason I do it is that there are people like me out there that have had enough and it’s evident through the attendance problem this year. Maybe someone close to you will see this, maybe even you will see this. Wake up. You are losing fans with the same blind loyalty to your staff that I show to your franchise. The difference between us? I have finally woken up. We will not be renewing our tickets next year and I will not attend another Bulls game that I haven’t already paid for. If you’ve lost me? Damn, dude. Get ready for a crazy reality check. I can show you the start of it, now hurry up and so something to fix it.


Want to know the crazy part? A lot of fans were excited about the young roster that was put together this year. They know the talent is/was there. But you let GarPax and Jimbo The Clown run us out of the United Center.

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2 years ago

[…] Chicago Bulls Enthusiasts Are Setting up To Wake Up. It’s Time For A Alter.  On Faucet Sporting activities Net […]

Michael B
Michael B
2 years ago

By far and away the have become the WORST team in the NBA and I will take into consideration they are banged up and the product they put out there nightly is a complete joke, they do not deserve to wear the Bull uniform. Boylan even when at full strength simply has no clue about chemistry and trust nobody and they in return show him in their lethargic play. They do have a nice core of young players but Boylan is losing the team or maybe never had them to begin with. You can break them down player by player and the results remain the same, they are a very bad team. Zach Lavine is a player, he is but has nobody to help him out, Satoransky literally dribbles withing two feet of the rim and elects to pass to the wings. Young is nothing more than a spot up shooter who has no intention of sharing the ball and Otto Porter, well what can you say, he chooses not to even dress, what a guy. Felicio, someone needs to enlighten him on what a pick and roll is………………………you have to roll and when you do, guess what, you have to be looking for the pass. He seems like he is just happy to be wearing a uniform and being paid grossly for that. Arciadano by far and away has the best hair in the league and would love to know where he gets his product!! Hutchinson needs to get over himself, he really is not that good and just because you start for the worst team in the league means diddly. Who am I forgetting, the 7 foot center who continues to just wing it from everywhere on the floor, dude, you are 7 feet, get your ass under the rim and be productive. I get the feeling that the NBA and most of the GM’s around the league must get a good laugh at the Bull’s expense and this is so sad. What have they done to this once proud Championship team, when will the nightmare stop!!!

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