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The Witcher: Top Five Deadliest Monsters

Where the monsters of The Witcher rank in order of deadliness.

Photo: Netflix

The new hit Netflix show: The Witcher has been out for a bit now, and we have all had plenty of time to watch the eight hours of episodes. I thought this was a perfect time to rank the monsters (of the show only) by how deadly they are or can be.

First off, I want to state that the show does a fantastic job of showing the different creatures throughout this fantasy-world. With only eight episodes, it might have been difficult to show the ferocity, history, magnitude, and differences between the different creatures, but the show does a great job of it. The novels written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski do an immense service of describing these monsters too. However, the show was definitely limited on time.

Before continuing, I want to say that when it comes to The Witcher, I have read the first few novels and watched the show. I haven’t played any of the games, however, and I think it’s worth noting there are significant differences from book to show in details of battles and certain characteristics of these monsters.



Photo: Netflix

In the final episode of the Netflix series, we see Geralt of Rivia attacked by a pack of what looks to be Ghouls. These creatures are terrifying to look at and they’re quite ferocious. They seem to have zombie-like qualities as well, lurking around the dead after a battle. Geralt has his way with these Ghouls until they outnumber him by many. Only then do they do enough damage to slow him down. The Ghouls are definitely a violent breed. They attack in groups and seem to be extremely strong in numbers but weak if in a solo fight.


Photo: Netflix

This insect and spider-like creature is one of the most terrifying-looking beasts in the entire show and as described in the novels. It can live underground or in swamps and has immense strength. The Netflix series opens with Geralt besting this monstrous beast that, in my opinion, was much larger in the show than is depicted in the novels.

Photo: Witcher Wiki-Fandom

I don’t mind the enlargement though; the bigger the better, right? This monster is an absolute terror for anyone not trained in beast-fighting. If any regular Joe stumbled upon one in the wild, it would be very difficult to take down.


Photo: Netflix

Ignorantly believed to be the effect of an incestuous relationship by a certain king, this beast is born from a curse. Her mother died before birth and the beast festered inside the womb for many years before breaking out. Not only was it inside of the womb but it spent the first years of life inside a sarcophagus. She only exits the sarcophagus during a full moon, and anyone brave enough to be in the vicinity is in great peril. The Striga is incredibly strong and fast. She hunts with such hatred toward any living being and kills without discrimination. This fight was brilliantly portrayed in the Netflix series. It was almost ripped straight from the pages of ‘The Last Wish’ and I couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out. The show went above and beyond with this creature.

Photo: Witcher Wiki-Fandom

They made her look even more terrifying than I imagined, and I think the show version looks much better than the artwork from the Witcher fandom. Geralt finally manages to defeat the Striga, but not with death. This beast was to be saved from the curse binding her to this fate, as this was the daughter of a king. The only way to potentially reverse a cursed Striga is by fighting it long enough for sunrise and not allowing the monster to return to her sarcophagus.


Photo: Netflix

The Djinn is probably the most powerful monster on this list. For us common folk, a Djinn is a genie and extremely unlike the ones we know and love.

Yes, nothing like Aladdin’s genie. This monster is barely visible. When released from captivity, it grants the user three wishes. With immense power and accuracy, the Djinn grant these wishes at will. The line in the show sums it up perfectly:

“When did you last feel happy when you were trapped?”

-Geralt of Rivia

The Djinn is an extreme being within the magical realm. It is highly sought after by some magical Mages throughout the world, as we see Yennefer attempt to do in episode five. However skilled these Mages may be, attempting to control a Djinn is a terrible idea. They need no vessel to harness their magic and when in captivity, they are far more dangerous. They destroy everything around them and bring the storm with them. Entire towns filled with buildings, huts, stables, and earth is all cannon-fodder for a pissed off Djinn trying to get free.


Photo: Netflix

Odds are you or someone you know has been a victim of identity theft or fraud, am I right? Now imagine that identity thief wasn’t going for your bank account at all but for your closest and most personal relationships. Imagine also that once copied; it knows all your memories, mannerisms, voice inflections, and histories with others. This creature might not have the terrifying stature of the Kikimore, the cursed strength of the Striga, or the magical power of the Djinn, but it can be the deadliest of this bunch with what it can do. If hired, the Adonis can completely clone anything it comes in contact with. It can affect your entire life, ruining relationships with anyone you love or it can clone someone you love in order to get closer to you. It’s a formidable fighter, only having a heavy weakness to silver, as witnessed in the Netflix series, but it can pose a seriously physical fight.


The species of Witchers themselves are an immensely powerful group of beings. They are specially trained in monster hunting and sword fighting. Geralt of Rivia is known for being an incredible fighter as well as a monster-slayer. Witchers take elixirs and potions to increase their abilities in order to fight more difficult opponents. They are a step up from humans and step under Mages. They fight until they die, and they most definitely shouldn’t be crossed.

This is sure to cause some controversy and we’re dying to hear your opinions on it. Where would you rank these monsters and what else would you add?

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2 years ago

[…] The Witcher: Top Five Deadliest Monsters  On Tap Sports Net […]

2 years ago

[…] The Witcher: Top Five Deadliest Monsters  On Tap Sports Net […]


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