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“Massive Changes” Coming to the Bulls: What Does that Mean?

David Kaplan says that major changes are coming to the Bulls’ front office, but are they actually?

Photo: Bill Smith/Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls front office has been a running joke for years. The problem is that the joke isn’t very funny and also makes you want to explode — metaphorically or literally, doesn’t matter. Actually, the bigger problem is that the Reinsdorf’s haven’t seemed to get the joke, so the Bulls keep telling it over and over again.

Well, according to NBC Sports Chicago and ESPN 1000’s David Kaplan, ownership is finally starting to get the joke, and they don’t think it’s very funny.

On ESPN 1000, Kaplan stated, ““From what I hear, and I still have good friends that work in the league, they [Bulls] are readying a plan to overhaul everything in basketball operations.”

Guys, is this real? Someone tell me this is real. Similar to most of you, I have been wanting this to be a thing forever. So — like with all things Bulls — how will the organization break our hearts this time?

Let’s look at a few possibilities of what this could mean.

1: Top-Down Changes

Let’s say it happens, and huge changes come to the basketball operations department of the Chicago Bulls.

What does that look like?

One thing to consider is whether or not the Reinsdorf’s actually get rid of Gar Forman and John Paxson. The Reinsdorf’s tend to be pretty loyal with both their Bulls and White Sox employees. I mean, how else would GarPax stick around for so long? My guess is the pair won’t be gone, but they will be around in some other capacity. Kaplan said as much on his show, so –because we are basing our thoughts off of his report — we can roll with that.

However, Chicago will have a new general manager, and with that new general manager, you could expect there to be a new coaching staff. That means we can finally say see-ya to Jim Boylen, which can’t come soon enough.

Something like this could start a real buzz among fans who have grown jaded and disinterested. Even if the Reinsdorf’s like GarPax, they also have to like making money and selling out the United Center. It would be in their best interest to do what they need to do to recapture the attention and affection of their fans.

2: Operation Changes, Few New Faces

There is always the option the Reinsdorf’s pull off a fake ‘blow up.’ Again, Kaplan said GarPax will most likely be back. If that happens, what level of influence will they have on the organization? It’s possible they still run the show but the basketball operations department around them changes to make it look like the Chicago Bulls aren’t doing the same old thing.

We could see a new coach — you know how much the Bulls love paying coaches, not to coach for them — and new voices in the scouting department.

This way, the Bulls can say they are bringing about major changes, while essentially keeping the status quo. Gar Forman and John Paxson keep calling the shots, but the Reinsdorf’s get to keep selling that they are on top of things and making changes.

This could at least provide a surface level change that ends up just frustrating everyone more in the long run, but at least it’s a change of pace.

3: Nothing Happens

This is where I’m leaning.

Maybe the Reinsdorf’s renovate the physical building and pass it off as making changes to the front office. I don’t know. The Bulls have been sticking to the same garbage formula for such a long time, I’m not sure I’m ready to believe real changes are coming.

We will all be watching the Bulls lose throughout the season and then pick seventh in the draft until we collectively fall into our graves, while GarPax still somehow continues to head basketball operations for the Bulls.

Prove me wrong, Reinsdorf’s.

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Geo V
Geo V
2 years ago

Reinsdorf will never fire paxson and forman. Employees forever !

Reply to  Geo V
2 years ago

I agree. That’s why–in every scenario here–they stick around in some capacity. I’d love it if they were truly gone, but I won’t hold my breath on that.

2 years ago

I’m sure the only major change they see as major is adding some other consultant or advisor. But every decision will ultimately me made by Pax

Reply to  Rashawn
2 years ago

Be* made

2 years ago

Massive changes:
1 ALL new Rococo furniture in all offices.
2. New scoreboard.
3. Updated Bulls logo.
4. Hire new guy to play Benny the Bull.
5. Fire Bill Wennington on the radio show.
Yep….big changes coming.

2 years ago

I thought Doug Collins was some sort of “speccial cosultant”. So that job is taken…so now what?

Reply to  crygdyllyn
2 years ago

Unfortunately you are probably closer than u think. Chicago sports fans have been ripped off our whole lives by the sh— owners in Reinsdorf and mccaskeys. The Sox were fortunate in 2005 and the Bulls got real lucky getting Jordan. We deserve way better than these to moron families.

2 years ago

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