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Cubs: Not Mad, Just Disappointed πŸ”Š

Listen to the latest installment of Cubs On Tap for discussion of several offseason topics

Photo: Cubs On Tap/On Tap Sports Net

Austin Bloomberg, Brian Mischler, and Ron Luce sit down to discuss the disappointing offseason for the Cubs. The panel touches on what’s going on with Kris Bryant and his grievance, Theo Epstein not living up to his word in his end-of-season press conference, roster needs, and possible trade ideas with the current state of the roster.

You can tune in on Apple Podcasts and Spotify among several different platforms in addition to the embedded media player below and as always on the podcasts tab of the website.

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Work as an accountant by day. Huge Chicago sports fan. Played college football and only wish I could skate well enough to play hockey. Twitter: @rnldluce Instagram: @rnldluce

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2 years ago

I can’t believe the cubs do not want to win. You do what you have to do to win. The cubs are to cheep. Other teams do it. Why can’t the cubs.

2 years ago

Yes, the Ricketts definitely have the money, but after the last few years of them using Wrigley Field for Trump fundraisers, the buildup of Gallagher Way, the disregard they have for the neighborhood and the fans, It’s likely they own the Cubs just to make money from all the peripheral business they’ve built and the ways in which they’ve caputalized on the Cubs’ brand and fan loyalty. In other words, I don’t think they actually care THAT much about winning as long as their other Cubs related business are making them money. I wish they’d just sell the team to someone who gives a damn and isn’t in it for real estate and storefronts.

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