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Which Refrigerator Layout Reigns Supreme?

I bet you didn’t think you would be debating refrigerator layouts today, did you?

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Football just ended. The Bulls are 14 games under .500 and can’t decide if they want to be a lottery team or contend for the eighth seed. The Blackhawks seem to be heading in the right direction but that seems to change from week to week. The Cubs and White Sox are a week away from pitchers and catchers reporting.

Needless to say, the sports world slows down in February. If I have any advice, allow your significant other free reign with the remote during this month. March is overflowing with sports, so this is the time to suck it up and “watch” Real Housewives. I know you sneakily pay attention. Trust me, I also want to know if Theresa is going to divorce Joe. It’s okay to admit that, it’s 2020 guys.

Last night, while The Bachelor was on our TV, my mind wandered. We are in the process of moving out to the suburbs and buying a house, so I thought to myself, “I wonder if these homes come with a fridge or we get to pick one out.” I am almost 30 years old, so picking out a new fridge is something that tickles my fancy.

That is where my rabbit hole of thoughts began. I was thinking of all the different layouts of refrigerators and all the features I would like. Does it matter if the freezer is on the top or the bottom? Do I need a water/ice dispenser? Why would anyone get a side by side fridge? What color would I get? I came to the conclusion that there are four main types of refrigerators: traditional, French door fridge/freezer on bottom, upside down traditional, and your side by side refrigerator.

Without further adieu, I give to you my unfiltered thoughts on which refrigerator layout reigns supreme.

French Door Refrigerator

Photo: Home Depot

This, my friends, is the cream of the crop refrigerator layout. The French doors are the star of this show. You just want a quick cold one to watch the game with the boys? All you have to do is pop open one side of the fridge and there are some adult sodas waiting for you. The freezer at the bottom guarantees you will never slam your head on an open freezer door when you grab something from the fridge. The reason this layout grabs the top spot is simply because you do not have to bend down to grab yourself a beverage. Most of the time, when you go to the kitchen you are opening the fridge. With your traditional fridge, you are forced to bend down each and every single time you want to check if anything has changed since the last time you checked the fridge 17 minutes ago. I stated I am almost 30 years old, so back pain is a serious concern for future me. The French doors also allow you the width of the entire fridge while not having to avoid the impending danger of a gigantic refrigerator door swinging out. Imagine someday you have kids, you open the fridge to check what is in there, and BAM! little Tommy is now entering concussion protocol. That will not happen with the French door layout, folks!

Upside Down Traditional Refrigerator

Photo: Home Depot

These names are not official, I just call them like I see them. You can’t go wrong with this decision if this is your fridge. Beverages are still at eye level. You still get the width of the entire fridge. The issues here are glaring in my opinion. First off, as I previously mentioned, you run the risk of giving your toddler CTE. Second, you don’t care about the environment or global warming. Every time you need a beverage, you have to open that entire door. All of that cold air comes out, now Mother Nature is all thrown off. Lastly, a lot of these types of refrigerators do not have an ice/water dispenser. Now every time you want a couple of cubes in your beverage, you have to bend down and grab the ice yourself. This could lead to frostbite and possible removal of a limb if you leave your hand in there too long.

Traditional Refrigerator

Photo: Home Depot

The traditional refrigerator, a timeless classic. I don’t think you can really go wrong with any of the top three choices here. The downfalls of this fridge have been shown through the highlights of the previous two refrigerators. Lack of ice/water dispenser and a possible herniated disk lead the charge. This is the ideal garage refrigerator, but that is an entirely different discussion itself.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Photo: Home Depot

This layout is in a complete category of its own in terms of awfulness. I mentioned you cannot go wrong selecting the top three layouts. Selecting this layout is the absolute wrong decision. From a logistics standpoint, this truly just doesn’t make sense. You are cutting the width of your fridge/freezer in half. The boys are coming over for the game, you got the six-foot party sub because the boys are hungry, how on Earth would you even start to fit that behemoth in there?!?! We can’t have six foot-long subs, there is no humor in that! Not to mention you are cutting the amount of door space in half as well. You need to have all the different types of condiments for your guests. Your refrigerator door now just became as crowded as the Blue Line at 5:00 PM on a Tuesday. You truly need to rethink your decisions if you willingly purchase this layout for your refrigerator.

It is a Tuesday in February and I am thinking about what type of fridge layout fits best. Baseball and March Madness need to get here quick.

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