Samuel Adams Mountain Berry Beer Review

A delightfully fresh and fruity review of Samuel Adams Mountain Berry.


I love a good Sam Adams. I’ve written about Cold Snap previously, and Mountain Berry is no joke. This beer has a delightful fruity flavor but it’s far from overwhelming. It tastes mainly like a lighter Samuel Adams Boston Lager with hints of raspberries and blackberries.

For the typical fruity beer drinker, this beer has a very smooth and refreshing flavor. It’s quite subtle and goes down very nicely.

On the contrary for the typical aversion of fruity beer, this beer has subtly enough fruit flavor to enjoy it without being dominated by the taste.

Including a low IBU of 14 and a modest 4.1% ABV, this ale goes quite well with dinner, like steak and potatoes, which is what I had with it. It’s also light enough on the belly to enjoy several in a sitting without the over-indulgent bloated feeling associated with heavier IPAs.

I will definitely be enjoying more of these as it remains released in a limited fashion.

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