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The NFL players have spoken and voted!

Photo: Chris Carlson/AP Photo

In a surprising turn of events this morning, Adam Schefter reported the NFL players voted approving the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) by an approximate vote of 1019-959.

This new CBA now has the power to extend the NFL regular season to a 17-game schedule beginning in the 2021-22 season and add an additional playoff team per conference beginning in the 2020-21 season.

How might this look?

Per conference, the playoffs will add one additional team. This means we will see three wild-card games in each conference and the number one overall seed gets the lone bye-week. Who would say no to more playoff football? I know I wouldn’t and I absolutely love the change!

What do the players get?

Beginning in 2021 the players get 48% of all league revenue, a 1% increase from the current CBA. There is also the option for the players to get an additional 0.5% of the shared revenue if the NFL’s TV revenue increases by more than 60% and another additional 0.3% if the NFL’s TV revenue is doubled again.

The percentages don’t seem like a lot but when dealing with millions upon millions of dollars, it adds up rather quickly.

Expanded Rosters!

Each team now gets to expand their active roster on game day from 46 to 48 players, including a mandatory offensive lineman.

Fifth-year Option?

Players picked in the 2018 draft will get their option fully guaranteed if exercised in May 2021.

Drug Testing?

They have also eliminated the suspension of players for testing positive for marijuana and have limited the testing period to the first two weeks of training camp. We all know Josh Gordon loves this one.

There have been many players who are outspokenly against this new CBA including Chicago’s very own star wide-out Allen Robinson. Shortly after the announcement, A-Rob took to Twitter to express his feelings:

Salary Cap Increase!

The new CBA also approves about a $10 million increase in salary cap per team.

Obviously, players with higher paying contracts do not like this deal since the extra game means they’ll only receive a fraction of what they normally make per-game. This new deal is much better for the “little-guys” in the league, letting them make a little extra cash when they might not have the career longevity of someone like Tom Brady or the max-contract of someone like Khalil Mack.

We’ll have more on this as it becomes available.

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