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Party at the Zoomtower – Virtual White Sox Tailgate Information

With baseball season being suspended for the time being due to coronavirus concerns, the Sox On Tap crew is hosting a virtual tailgate on what was supposed to be Opening Day.

With baseball season being suspended for the time being due to coronavirus concerns, everybody is missing sports in a big way. The Sox On Tap crew was planning on hosting a White Sox Opening Day tailgate in Lot B at Guaranteed Rate Field, but now we don’t even know when Opening Day will actually take place.

To fill the void, we came up with the idea to host a virtual tailgate. After some experimentation, we found that Zoom, an online video conferencing service, would be the best place to host this shindig. As for the theme, Dazed and Confused has been a top movie choice at On Tap Sports Net when it comes to quarantine binge-watching. Ever wanted to attend the Party at the Moontower? Well, unless you have a time machine, that’s not an option. You can, however, attend Sox On Tap’s Party at the Zoomtower — a virtual White Sox tailgate on what was supposed to be Opening Day 2020.

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In order for this to run smoothly, make sure you check out the details below before logging on.

First of all, head over to Zoom, create an account, and download the app so you’re not scrambling to do so at the time of the event. When you join the meeting, you’ll be placed in the waiting lobby. On Tap founder Tony Marchese will be the host of the meeting, so he will add you to the call from the lobby. Just be patient, as there may be multiple people joining at the same time. Space will be limited, so if you show up late you may be waiting in the lobby for a bit.

Once you’re in, keep in mind that this is a mass video call. If everybody is talking at once, nobody will be able to understand anything. You’ll get your chance to talk, so don’t shout over people. We recommend turning your chat on so you can type out messages that don’t need to be vocalized. You’ll be able to send chat messages to the entire room or to a specific individual. It should be a great time once everybody gets settled in, but Tony will be able to mute or kick out anybody who becomes a nuisance. Bottom line: enjoy yourself, but don’t be an ass.

Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, this thing is (obviously) BYOB. Keep that quarantine stash nearby so you don’t miss any of the hilarity that is bound to ensue. Finally, wear White Sox gear and enjoy a night of (virtual) tailgating with fellow South Siders. Your invite is below!

  • What: Party at the Zoomtower — a virtual White Sox tailgate
  • When: March 26th, 2020, 8:00 PM Central Time
  • Where: The Zoomtower (click here to enter)
    • Meeting ID: 160 957 903
      Password: 20052020

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