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NEWS: London Series Between Cubs and Cardinals Officially Canceled

The 2020 MLB London Series is officially canceled.

This probably comes with little surprise, but the London Series between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals is officially canceled. The series was set to take place on the weekend of June 13.

Given the numerous reports coming in from around the world, it’s safe to say that regular international travel won’t resume until the end of the summer, at the earliest.

This cancellation doesn’t completely chalk up baseball as a loss for 2020. However, it does indicate that a July 4th weekend start is probably a very likely scenario.

Even if baseball returns sooner, the thought of international travel, at this point, is completely out of the question due to COVID-19.

The inaugural London Series in 2019 featured the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. While the London Series was a two-year agreement for the 2019 and 2020 seasons, there is a good possibility that this series is pushed to 2021, just like the Olympics.

For now, baseball resumption is in complete limbo. Hopefully, baseball fans can enjoy baseball in 2020, but those from across the pond won’t be able to witness one of the best rivalries in the sport live.


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