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DFS Pro Wrestling: WrestleMania 36 FanDuel Edition

A guide on who to play in DFS on FanDuel for WrestleMania 36.


One sport has still been going strong during the quarantine. That is the world of professional wrestling. Both major companies in WWE and AEW have been putting on their weekly shows since this has all gone down. This weekend is normally the biggest party in pro wrestling. Sadly, it will be a little tamer this year though. WrestleMania will carry on in a slightly different format, a two-night extravaganza. FanDuel is running a contest for the two-night event for one of the first times. Let’s take a look at how to go about building the right lineup for this showcase. The main thing to do here is to CHECK THE RULES. Find what could give you the most points and fill that MVP spot with a wrestler who could hit multiple of those.

Daniel Bryan


He is one of the best technical wrestlers on this match card. The biggest reason to have him in the lineup for this is the points that are awarded for submission attempts and signature moves. Well, guess what, that is a two-for-one deal right there. This match should also be given a good amount of time due to other performers being some of the best in the company.

Shayna Baszler


Yup, back to back on the submission style wrestlers. This one is a little different, however. Baszler is just a badass. She will be going up against “The Man” Becky Lynch in what should be an absolute war. Expect both women to be able to rack up the points in this one through submissions and reversals. Some major weapons come into play as well.



Edge got quite the welcome back at the Royal Rumble only to have that taken away by a close “friend” the next night in Randy Orton. This match is a perfect recipe for weapons and signature moves. This match will be under the rules of the Last Man Standing, meaning anything goes to keep your opponent down. Weapons will be used nonstop and it might take a few signature moves to close this one out.

Good luck to all and remember this event is taking place over two nights. Enjoy the show!

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