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Kona Brewing Variety Pack

Kona Brewing Co’s Island Hopper Variety Pack offers great taste and great value.

Photo: Kona Brewing Co.

Yea I’m getting the variety pack and I’m going to write about each beer. It only makes sense because even though I love me a good beer, I am also a bargain drinker. I have a hard time passing up a variety pack of good beers, especially when they are about $15 or less. I love having the option of drinking multiple beers in one night because then you get to fully experience all of the different flavors of each beer. Sometimes when you drink the same beer all night you maybe don’t appreciate it as the night goes on. But with a variety pack, I try to never drink the same beer twice in a row, and in doing so, appreciating each beer every time you crack it open.

As you can see, this 12 pack comes with 4 different beers, 3 each. It’s now with 2 different IPAs. It used to have a regular pale ale in there but now it has an IPA that I’ve never seen before, we’ll get into that later. It was only $12.99 for a 12 pack so no matter how you look at it that’s a good deal.


Let’s start off with the classic Longboard “Island Lager.” I’ve had this beer a lot. It’s one of my favorite light craft beers out there. It not only tastes great but also has great value. Usually, I can find this for $7.99 for a 6 pack or $11.99 for a 12 pack. I’ve had it in both bottles and cans, both are awesome. It has a great malty flavor for a light beer and is an easy drinker all day at 4.6% ABV. Great any time of year but especially in the summer. If for whatever reason you’ve never had this beer, do it now what’re you waiting fooooor?!

Big Wave

Next, we’ll move on to the Big Wave “Golden Ale.” This beer checks in at a mere 4.4% ABV, so pretty much the lightest beer I’ll have that’s not one of your typical crappy domestic light beers. That being said, this beer is not bad, much better than any domestic. It’s obvious it’s lighter than the Longboard with a little less flavor, but still not bad. If this was offered in a 24 pack I’d be all about it in the middle of summer and crush the whole pack.


The third is the Castaway “IPA.” At 6% ABV, it’s not going to be anything that blows you away, but this is a decent IPA. When I first started drinking IPAs 45 years ago, this would have been perfect to get into the style. It’s just strong enough, has just enough bitterness, and is smooth enough for an easy drinker. Hell, I’d be happy to slam a 6 pack of these on a work night no problem. This is a solid all-around light IPA that I don’t think any craft beer enthusiast would have anything against.

Kua Bay

Last but not least is the IPA, “Kua Bay.” Now, this is actually the reason I bought this variety pack today. I’ve tried every Kona brew I’ve seen and today was the first time I’ve seen this one. A huge selling point was that it packs in a 7.3% ABV which is way higher than I’ve seen a Kona beer, so I had to give it a try. Plus, I wanted a bunch of beers for today anyway. It has a beautiful light amber color and as for head it only had about a quarter-inch and leaves little to no lacing. It’s listed at 68 IBU, which maybe be slightly generous, but it still has a nice bitterness to it. It tastes slightly earthy, hints of pine, and maybe a little malty. I like this beer. Being the first time I’ve seen this beer, I absolutely hope to see it more, preferably in some kind of 12 or 15 pack.

Now I wanted to state that while I almost always pour my beer into a glass, sometimes when you have a lighter beer it’s fine to drink straight out of the bottle or glass. The Longboard or Big Wave out of this pack are perfect examples. They are so light it can actually be beneficial to keep that carbonation in there. I’ve had these beers often so I am actually inclined to drink them without a pour.

I love getting these variety packs. It keeps me entertained the whole night drinking. If you are getting bored with your beer routine this is a great way to try something new, and this is a solid pack to get out of a funk. Not to mention you cannot beat the value. I usually give a rating on a 10 scale but being this is 4 different beers this is a little different. They are all solid and it serves a purpose. I simply recommend giving the whole pack a try and you will not be disappointed.

Happy Drinking!

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