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Coolest/Toughest/Lamest/Weakest: Parks and Recreation Edition

In the world of Parks and Recreation, who is the coolest, toughest, weakest and lamest character?

Photo: NBC/Chris Haston

April 9th marks the 11th anniversary of the premiere of the Parks and Recreation on NBC. To celebrate, some of us at On Tap put together our picks for the Coolest, Toughest, Lamest, and Weakest character on the show.

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What does it all mean? That’s the beauty of it, my cool cats and kittens, it is completely subjective and easy to argue over! We all have our definitions of cool, tough, lame, and weak and the On Tap crew is no exception. We have had these debates internally enough times that we decided to share. After all, there is no “right” answer, yeah? That said, some will be more wrong than others, so hit up the comments or reply to the tweet with who was the most out of line. There was one unanimous pick, I’m sure it will come with little shock. Let’s dive in!

@SummerOfGeorge Picks:

Cool: Andy Dwyer
Tough: Ron Swanson
Lame: Ann Perkins
Weak: Tom Haverford

Mouse Rat? Great band name. A name only a cool person could conceive. Johnny Karate? 100% would hire to play my (hypothetical) kid’s birthday party and be more into it than the children.

– Summer Of George

@Schwartzy Picks:

Cool: April
Tough: Ron Swanson
Lame: Mark Brendanawicz
Weak: Tom Haverford

April was and is the definition of too cool for school. She served as a bridge between Avril Lavigne and Billie Eilish in that regard and a generation of fans should be eternally grateful. Frankly, she shares a very similar name to the former and the look of the latter.

– Schwartzy

@LucasPerf Picks:

Cool: Donna Meagle
Tough: Ron Swanson
Lame: Ben Wyatt
Weak: Orin

Donna never got played. While everyone else was out playing checkers she was playing chess. She was on her hustle through the whole show.

-Lucas Perfetti (maybe)

@MartyLavelle Picks:

Cool: Chris Traeger
Tough: Ron Swanson
Lame: Ann Perkins
Weak: Ben

Ann truly just sucks. She hates Chris Traeger’s excessive positivity, yet ends up with him simply to have a child. She plays second fiddle to Leslie in that friendship. She dates that LOSER Mark after Leslie does. She honestly brings nothing to the table for Parks and for that reason, I’m out.

– Marty Lavelle

@NickHudson Picks:

Cool: Chris Traeger
Tough: Ron Swanson
Lame: Jerry Gergich
Weak: Tom Haverford

I chose Jerry for the lame category because from day one he was always the guy that everyone liked but also everyone made fun of. He was the butt of every joke and he has had many “dumb” moments on the show.

– Nick Hudson

That’s it for our choices for the Coolest, Toughest, Lamest, and Weakest characters on the show Parks and Recreation. We’re all doing our part social distancing and a big part of it is binging shows. I reckon you’re overdue for a trip to Pawnee, IN. Fly like Lil’ Sebastian, don’t fall in the pit.

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Schwartzy is a DILF and (participation) trophy husband. More Splenda Daddy than Sugar. I do the twitter, hit me up! @drschwa_96

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