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UPDATE: Minor League Baseball Refutes Reports Regarding an Agreement to Eliminate 42 Teams

42 teams will reportedly be cut from minor league baseball and two teams will be added from the independent league.

Photo: Minor League Baseball

Per J.J. Cooper of Baseball America, 42 teams will reportedly be cut from minor league baseball and two teams would be added from the independent league. This would bring the total to four affiliates per major league organization.

These reported cuts would surely be devastating to local economies. Minor League Baseball teams typically exist in small towns and cities across the country, so cutting 40 of them would limit the amount of professionally affiliated baseball players in the country. Not only that, but it would also eliminate local jobs for these teams (vendors, announcers, front office positions, sales representatives, etc.). This would be a sad display of total disregard for the baseball community. It would be a selfish move on behalf of the major leagues. If this were to come to fruition, time will tell how this impacts drafts going forward, as there would be fewer positions open at each minor league level. It would be a shame if the MiLB and MLB had to stoop to this level.

UPDATE – 3:41 PM central time: Minor League Baseball has released a statement regarding the possible cuts, clarifying that there have been no official agreements in place.

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