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NEWS: MLB Discussing Realignment for 2020

With summer around the corner, the MLB is trying to find a way to get the 2020 MLB season started.

There is optimism for sports, especially baseball returning this summer even without fans, and apparently the MLB is discussing a new idea for the 2020 season.

That’s right, three divisions of ten teams each with a projected start of the season toward the end of June. This realignment would also let teams play at their home ballparks and reduce the amount of traveling. The Central Division would see both the Cubs and White Sox in the same division, which would be pretty fun for both sides of town.

Some have mentioned keeping this realignment permanent, but I think it’s a one-year thing with alignment returning back to normal in 2021. Many people like and prefer the way divisions are set up right now with three divisions in each league consisting of five teams each.

With a lot of moving parts and uncertainty with this virus, everything is still up in the air for baseball and sports in general. Fans should take pride in knowing that the MLB is working hard and trying to figure out the best way to give fans baseball while still maintaining safety for everyone involved. Baseball fans would argue they need this!


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