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Outlining the Details of MLB’s Plan to Return

The MLB is gathering playable details for the 2020 season, including a shortened schedule with minimal travel.

Per Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the MLB is gathering the playable details for the 2020 season.

Obviously, testing would need to be readily available for players. The player’s union and owners still need to agree upon a deal for the season to start. However, the plan is to play somewhere around 80 games starting in July. Teams would only face teams in their division or the National and American League counterparts. This would mean all teams in the AL Central only play teams in the AL Central or NL Central. Seven teams would make the playoffs. Games would be played in home ballparks that are open, based on how strictly cities are restricting events. Otherwise, they will most likely relocate.

No fans can be in attendance, so this would mean the player’s union needs to take a pay cut. This will be the largest holdup in a bargaining situation because it’s unclear how little the owners would expect players to make during a season with a revenue cut.

In my opinion, the players should be making just as much as they were contracted to make, given how they are risking their health by playing baseball. This will most likely be the last issue that needs resolution before returning to some semblance of normalcy. Baseball season is (hopefully) moving closer.


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