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Scottie Pippen Still Had Ill Will Toward the Chicago Bulls in His Second Stint

Scottie Pippen’s rocky relationship with the Bulls keeps getting heavier.

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Today, Jalen Rose spoke on ESPN’s First Take about the bitterness and hurt Scottie Pippen endured with the Chicago Bulls. During “The Last Dance” docuseries on ESPN, Scottie Pippen hasn’t been portrayed in a positive light very often.

It’s safe to say he probably has been the second-most scrutinized person in the series after former Chicago Bulls’ GM Jerry Krause. Pippen was still upset about the contract extension he signed in the 1991 season, which was a seven-year, $18 million extension. He and many others felt he was underpaid as he was one of the best players in the league at that time.

Pippen then signed a five-year, $67.2 million deal and was traded to the Houston Rockets after the 1998 season. He returned to Chicago as a free agent in the 2002-03 NBA season. It seemed Pippen was brought in as a mentor, but it turns out his return to Chicago had more to it.

On today’s installment of First Take, here’s how Jalen Rose described Scottie Pippen’s mentality heading into the 2002-03 Bulls season.

“I ain’t ’bout to do nothing for these mofo’s, they owe me.”

Rose stated that Pippen vocalized his mentality when the two were discussing the team’s potential for the upcoming season. While Rose was looking forward to what the group could accomplish, Pippen was allegedly still caught up on his past dealings with the franchise.

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Matthew Shishkoff
Matthew Shishkoff
1 year ago

Interesting insight on Scottie Pippen. I can understand why some fans might’ve felt as if he was underpaid considering he was arguably one of the best players in the league. But in life and especially in the business of sports, it is hard to capitalize and get what might feel as deserving. Regardless of his emotions towards the Bulls, he was able to make his mark on the NBA and be remembered as a legend of the game. According to this one Chicago Bulls Facts page, Scottie Pippen is 1 of 5 players to make the NBA All-Defensive team 10 times. That is an amazing accomplishment that should not be forgotten when talking about Pippen’s career.

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