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Revenue Sharing Not Part of 2020 MLB Owners’ Offer

The MLB and owners have dropped the revenue sharing caveat if a 2020 season is played, but the paycuts will still be hefty.

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Per Jon Heyman, the MLB and owners have dropped the revenue sharing caveat if a 2020 season is played. They will still, however, not be paid a full salary, like the players mainly agreed, but it will be prorated with larger salaries taking bigger hits. This hasn’t been defined yet but should be at a later date when fans have clarification on the owners’ final offer.

If anything, this is the biggest piece of news other than floated articles that have said “we might have baseball this season” for the past two months. Instead, the players held strong and forced the owners to pony up and pay some semblance of a salary. In order for the 2020 season to happen, players may take a pay cut, but “revenue sharing” (actually a salary cap) will not be included. This is a win for the players to some extent, but the higher-profile players will not agree to this.

Per Evan Drellich of The Athletic, the proposed cuts are indeed massive, and the players’ union is upset.

It looks like this dispute could continue for the time being until the owners give the players something in return for risking their health.

UPDATE – 5/26/20, 7:05 PM CT: Jeff Passan recently shared a tweet outlining what potential salary cuts could look like.

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