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Recap: WWE Raw – June 1, 2020

Photo: WWE

The show started with the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins, presenting the “retirement” ceremony for Rey Mysterio. That just turned into another session of making jokes about the high flying legend. After they aired a video package that turned into a joke, Aleister Black finally had enough and made his way to the ring for his match with Seth Rollins.

Photo: WWE

Their match was full of nonstop action. These are two of the best in ring performers in the company right now. Aleister Black started the match at a disadvantage, due to Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory being ringside for Seth Rollins. Thankfully the two of them didn’t get involved too much in this one. However, at the first sign of the numbers being used in Rollins favor, out came Humberto Carrillo, who made his way to the ring to even that match just a little bit. The grand finale of the match was Aleister Black setting up his finishing move, Black Mass, where Murphy and Theory jumped onto the apron to distract him. Aleister walked towards them, but Carrillo pulled them both off the apron. Rollins attempted a roll-up pin where Black kicked out and rolled Rollins up himself for the three count.

Photo: WWE

Right after the match finished, Seth Rollins and company used their numbers to their advantage. They attacked Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo right away. They both received a stomp from Rollins for their troubles. This story is far from over for these six, including Rey Mysterio.

Following this match, viewers received a few video packages of other feuds. The first went over the story of Apollo Crews and his journey to winning the US Title last week. Also, we saw a backstage interview with Angel Garza and witnessed the issues he has going on with Kevin Owens. Next up, we heard from Shawn Michaels and he gave his opinion on who will win at Backlash between Edge and Randy Orton. There was one more final backstage segment and that was between Bobby Lashley’s manager in MVP and Lashley’s wife Lana. Both seem to be living off his name and he doesn’t know yet.

Apollo Crews made his way to the ring for his first-ever US Title defense. The first opponent was someone he was able to pick himself, and he ended up picking Kevin Owens. The two battled back and forth for a little bit until Angel Garza and Andrade came out and attacked the two during the match. This event turned a one-on-one contest for the US Title, into a tag team match. The match didn’t last long. Crews was able to hit a toss powerbomb on Andrade to get the victory for his team.

Photo: WWE

Two more backstage segments were next. First off Asuka was interviewing about her match later in the night against Charlotte and upcoming title defense against Nia Jax at Backlash. Following that was the Street Profits vs the Viking Raiders in a bowling match, which the Viking Raiders took the win and evened the series at 2-2.

The next match was Billie Kay vs. Nikki Cross. This one started with a little backstage arguing before the two even made it out to the ring. Billie Kay picked up the win after Cross missed a crossbody and was hit with a modified powerbomb. We saw a quick interview backstage talking to the WWE Champion about his upcoming match with MVP later that night.

Live via satellite we finally heard from Rey Mysterio himself to get an update on his eye injury. At that time there was no official word on what his future holds. At this time he is justing waiting to see how it heals. In to the frame walked Rey’s son, Dominick, and he mentioned that something needs to be done to Seth Rollins and a few seconds later mentioned “Eye for an Eye”. Is Dominick finally making his debut in WWE? What could this really lead too?

Photo: WWE

Finally, we received an update on 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski, who lost that title at his home to R-Truth, who finally regained his “baby”. Nia Jax was in the ring and talked about her Backlash opponent and how she never really deserved the title in the first place. Following that, she had a quick match with Kairi Sane that ended in a win for Nia. We saw another quick backstage video from Randy Orton talking about his upcoming match with Edge at Backlash.

One of the final matches of the night was the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte vs Raw Women’s Champion Asuka. Fans have seen these two battle before, so everyone knew what we would get from them. They didn’t disappoint, that’s for sure. The two of them battled, showing what it really takes to be at the top of their game. The only let down of the match was not having a clear cut winner. Asuka’s Backlash opponent Nia Jax came out and distracted her causing her to walk out on the match, which didn’t end well for her, because Asuka got laid out on the rampway by Nia.

The Main Event of the night was MVP vs Drew McIntyre. To no surprise, Bobby Lashey was at ringside for this one. But, Lana came out to sidetrack Lashley a little bit. The match started off quickly with McIntyre taking it to MVP. The little offense MVP inflicted was a quick attack on the outside of the ring. The match ended when MVP got pulled out of the ring and Drew dove outside the ring to take out both men, tossing MVP back into the ring. From there he hit his finishing move, the Claymore, and that was all for that match. But just as the bell rang for the end of the match, Bobby Lashley snuck into the ring and put the Champion in a Full Nelson as the screen faded out.

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