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Opinion: “We Signed Mike Glennon,” Wasn’t the Most Important Thing Akiem Hicks Said in His Press Conference

Yes, the quote itself is funny, but it shouldn’t have been the most highlighted part of the interview.

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The most advertised quote of Akiem Hick’s past press conference was, “we signed Mike Glennon.” To put context to the quote, Akiem was being asked a series of questions about the Colin Kaepernick’s protest in 2016 and if he thinks Kaepernick was ‘black-balled’ by the NFL. It wasn’t his direct response, but he did murmur it in between comments, and it went un noticed until a reporter asked him about it a few questions later. Yes, the quote itself is funny, but it shouldn’t have been the most highlighted part of the interview.

The clip below is the most important thing that Akiem Hick’s said in his interview and America needs to listen.

Stacey Dales asks Akiem a two-part question, the first being what are athletes doing to help that fans can get on board with, and the second was asking if he feels the need to be censored as an African American and an NFL Player. Hick’s response was heartbreaking.

“I feel like I’ve been censored my whole life. So, for me, to feel like I have to keep people at ease, to make sure that there is a calm, you know, while I’m in the room. Those are natural things to me. You know, these things, you talked to me in a way, right because at a early age being not just a larger kid, but a larger black kid, I was seen as the antagonist in a lot of situations. I was seen as the bully. I was seen as the person that uh, you know, not just in the best light, right, and developing my mindset going forward I understood always that I always had to make other people feel comfortable before myself. And I’m going to continue to do that, I’m going to continue make sure people feel comfortable around me. Is it unfortunate that I have to live that way? Call it what you want, but I do it because thats how I’m able to move through society and have people feel okay, with me.

Stacey asked Akiem a two part question, and subconsciously he answered the more important one first. When Hick’s says “You talked to me in a way, right,” you can see how much it affects him. After Hicks answers the first question he asked what the second question was. I left that part of the clip in, because of Stacey Dales gut check reaction. We should all be moved by Hick’s comments. It should upset you, but it shouldn’t shock you. The unfortunate reality is that not everyone will sympathize with Hicks, and that is why unforgivable things keep happening to African Americans in America. We need to do better.

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