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RECAP: WWE NXT – June 10, 2020

A recap of all the action from WWE NXT on 6/10/20.

Photo: WWE

After a short recap of what happened at NXT TakeOver: In Your House, The Undisputed Era head out to the ring. Cole gets on the microphone and goes over his reign as Champion. He then talks about how there is no one that can take this title off of him. During this time Roderick Strong spots Dexter Lumis in the crowd, but the other members do not see him. Following a commercial, Cole and Fish are still trying to calm Strong down after what happened out in the ring. Keith Lee and Mia Yim pass by and taunt that maybe Lee will go after Cole’s title.

The first match was a Mixed Tag Team Match featuring Keith Lee and Mia Yim vs. Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae. The first two legal competitors in the match where Mia and Candice, where Mia started off with an early advantage. She goes for a dive but misses both Candice and Johnny, she gets caught and set down by Lee and they continue with the offense by getting some strikes in. LeRae finally starts to gain some control before Yim goes and tags in Lee, which in turn brings in Gargano. It was an uphill battle for most of the match for LeRae and Gargano, but the match comes to an end when Gargano hits One Final Beat on Lee. But he lands on LeRae and is worried about her; Gargano sees the chance and rolls up Lee for the win.

Next up was a backstage interview with Damian Priest, who talks about his loss to Finn Balor at TakeOver. He mentions that he is fine with it and that it is all about making a bigger name for himself. Cameron Grimes is then interviewed next, as he would be facing Finn Balor later that night. He mentions how Priest doesn’t have the right mindset about it all and he is just a loser. Well, he got a nice strike to the jaw from Priest for that comment. Following that is a recap on Io Shirai’s title win from TakeOver and a few superstars congratulating her on that big win.

The next match was a quick one that featured Indus Sher vs. Mikey Delbrey and Mike Reed. The up-and-coming tag team made quick work in this match and continue to show they are a force to keep an eye on. During this match, it is mentioned that Grimes does not believe he will be able to compete in his match with Balor due to what happened to him. He is caught a few minutes later by William Regal saying he is fine and will be forced to compete later on. We see a video package on the Tag Team number one contenders in Breezango. It is announced that they will get their title shot next week on NXT.

We also get the recap of the Kross vs. Ciampa match; they show exclusive footage depicting Ciampa staying around for quite some time after the event and ignoring all questions asked to him before he drives off. Rhea Ripley is shown backstage and she gets approached by Robert Stone, who is still on a search for a new client. Ripley tells him that there is a one in a million chance she would join and he takes that as there is a chance she will. The segment ends badly for Stone, who gets a nice punch to the gut and tossed into a trash can by Ripley.

Photo: WWE

Finn Balor vs. Cameron Grimes was up next. Balor would be looking to make things right this time with a win. Throughout the match, Balor focused on staying on top and giving no space to Grimes. It was the opposite for Grimes, as he focused on the areas that were hurting Balor from his TakeOver match. At times, he tried to surprise his opponent with roll-ups or quick pins. Grimes even kicked out of a reverse 1916. Balor finished the match in style with a Coup De Grace, picking Grimes up and hitting 1916 for the win. He would then look into the camera and call apron Keith Lee.

Photo: WWE

The next match was Kacy Catanzaro vs. Dakota Kai, and just like normal Raquel González would be right by her side. Kacy would control most of this quick matchup. However, Kai found a small window to get the upper hand and ended up hitting her GTK for the win. The following segment was with El Hijo Del Fantasma coming out to the ring. But shortly after he starts talking, Drake Maverick comes out. He tells Fantasma he should be the one everyone is talking about for what he did in this tournament and becoming NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Also, now that he has a clear head, he believes he can beat him. As soon as they are about to shake hands and agree on a match, two masked men make their way to the ring and surround the two men. That’s where it all goes downhill for Drake Maverick, as the two masked men get up on the apron and Fantasma turns to face Maverick and all three men take him down. Fantasma tells the two to unmask and they reveal themselves as Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. To finish off the heel turn, Fantasma unmasks and reveals himself as Santos Escobar.

The main event is up next. The Undisputed Era is trying to move past the man that has been haunting them for a while now. The most freaked out is still Roderick Strong, who sees Lumis stalking them before they make their way to the ring. Strong tries to stay clear of him during the match as well. However, Adam Cole is not worried at all even after his brutal Backlot Brawl match this past Sunday. Cole had control for quite some time in this contest. Lumis did have a few close calls. He nearly won at the end with a submission, but Cole was able to get some help from his buddies on the outside. Cole picks up the win after hitting The Last Shot. Right after the match, Adam Cole is standing over Lumis and gets locked into another submission, but Fish and Strong come to his rescue. This prompts The Velveteen Dream to come help Dexter, returning the favor from Sunday. Those four battle to the back, leaving Cole all alone for now. The lights go out and a single spotlight is on Cole before we see Scarlett coming down the ramp with her arms behind her back. Once she makes it to the apron of the ring, it is revealed as an hourglass, warning Cole his time is coming to an end.

Is Karrion Kross next in line for the NXT Championship? We should find out soon enough.

Photo: WWE

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