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RECAP: WWE SmackDown – June 12, 2020

Recapping all the action from WWE SmackDown on 6/12/20.

Photo: WWE

The show starts with a recap of the story between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy. This leads us into the first segment of the show, the contract signing between the two. Sheamus tells him before he signs the contract that he wants him to submit to a urine test. He continues to make fun of him for a while, even when Jeff admits to his mistakes. Shortly after he takes the test, he has had enough of the remarks and takes the sample from the doctor and tosses it right into the face of Sheamus. The results come back and it only angers Sheamus more, as they are negative.

Photo: WWE

The New Day head out to the ring for a tag team match against Cesaro and Nakamura in a non-title match. Early on in the match, the New Day had the advantage. That was until Cesaro got involved when he was not legal on the outside, taking out both members of the other team and letting their team gain some momentum and control. But in almost no time, the tag champions had it back. The match came to a quick and surprising end when Kofi and Nakamura were battling on the top rope. Kofi’s splash turned into a knee to the chest and rollup by Nakamura for the win. Could a tag title shot be next for Cesaro and Nakamura? Tucker has returned and he is backstage training with his tag partner Otis. While they are working together, we see Sheamus and Jeff brawling backstage ahead of their match on Sunday.

Photo: WWE

The Intercontinental Championship match is up next featuring AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan. These two are some of the top performers in the whole industry. In the early stages of this match, both continued to work on different body parts to wear their opponent down for later on in the match. Both competitors where very technical at points, working on submissions and quick pinball attempts. Late in the match, AJ Styles started to work more on the lower left leg of Bryan, which could really affect him down the line. During this whole bout, both competitors matched each other move for move. Each outdoing the opposition at points, it was really anyone’s fight. The end of the match came when Daniel Bryan got caught with a Styles Clash and then a Phenomenal Forearm. This is the first time he has held the Intercontinental Championship in his career. The match itself was an absolute classic and PPV worthy.

Next up, we see the recap of what Miz and Morrison have been putting Braun Strowman through before their match at Backlash. Strowman also has to keep his eyes open during the main event later in the night, thanks to Mr. Money In The Bank Otis. Following that, we get a “celebration” for the new women’s tag team champions. They get interrupted pretty quickly by the former champions in Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Right after that, The IIconics show up on the titantron, distracting the champions. The segment ends when the champions turn their backs and get attacked by Bliss and Cross. These three teams are set to clash at Backlash on Sunday. Will it be a short title reign for Bayley and Banks?

Photo: WWE

The main event for the night is a six-man tag match featuring Braun Strowman teaming up with Heavy Machinery against The Miz, John Morrison, and Dolph Ziggler. The match starts with some good teamwork from Heavy Machinery. In the middle of the match, we get Baron Corbin on the titantron as he is walking up to Mandy Rose and trying to get involved with her. This makes Otis mad, so he comes to the backstage area to take him out. This causes the heel team to take control of the match for a while. But a few minutes later we see Otis return with Mandy Rose now. The momentum swings in their favor inside and outside the ring. Strowman runs over all three opponents and tosses Dolph back into the ring, leading to Otis hitting his finisher, the Caterpillar, on him for the win to close out the show.

Photo: WWE

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