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RECAP: AEW Dynamite – June 10, 2020

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

The show opened up with the debut match for FTR, they took on The Butcher and The Blade. Despite these two being very similar style tag teams, FTR took control at the beginning of the matchup. This tag match was a classic old school style match, heavy-hitting, and lots of “flippy stuff” as FTR calls it. Surely Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard loved this match, as they where in the crowd watching. The match ended when FTR hit the Mindbreaker on The Blade.

Following the match, Tony Schiavone was about to interview FTR, but The Young Bucks came out to the ring to confront them about the last few weeks. The Butcher came back in to attack the Bucks, but FTR stopped him. Shortly after that, things blew up with multiple teams coming out to get involved, those other teams where Hangman Page & Omega, and Kip Sabian & Jimmy Havoc. It was also announced that The Nightmare Family will face the Tag Teams Champions next week for the belts.

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

The next match was Penelope Ford & Nyla Rose vs. Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida. The heel team took the early advance by jumping their opponents before they were even ready, but Statlander took control back quickly and was working well with her tag team partner. The whole match was back and forth throughout as both teams worked really well together. However, Nyla Rose and Penelope Ford pulled out the win when Ford used the belt as a weapon, as the referee’s back was turned, and then hit a Suplex into a bridge pin for the win.

Following that match was a video package of Darby Allin hanging out with the great Tony Hawk. Allin told Hawk that he doesn’t need a doctors note to skate there.

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

A six-man tag team match was next, The Inner Circle vs. The Best Friends & Orange Cassidy. Chris Jericho was on commentary during this match and was keeping a close eye on this match. Before the match even started, the Inner Circle attacked their opponents to get the early advantage. For the first portion of the match, it was a one-on-three match with the Inner Circle in major control. The Best Friends took control back for a little bit once Chuck got back into the match, however Hager got involved and stole the momentum back for his team.

The match turned around again for The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy once Cassidy got involved in the action. He rolled up Ortiz for the win. But, it didn’t end well for them, Jericho left the commentary booth with his trusty bat in hand. The main focus of the beat down was Orange Cassidy, and it went to another level when Jericho grabbed a bag of oranges and hit Cassidy with the bag a few times. They beat him to a bloody pulp in the middle of the ring.

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

The next match-up was Sammy Guevara vs. Colt Cabana. We were shown a recap of last week, where Cabana was offered a spot in Dark Order after his loss to Jericho last week. After that, the match started with some disrespect from Sammy to the veteran Cabana, but Cabana got him right back with a nice middle finger salute.

Cabana started the match in control until Guevara used underhand tactics to gain control back. The action continued to go back and forth between the two. Guevara started to get a little bit cocky and Cabana started to use his veteran ways to gain the upper hand. He hit a beautiful moonsault, and was only able to get the two count. Guevara ended the match when he Cabana slipped on the middle rope and he hit his finisher in the GTH for the win.

Following the match, the Dark Order headed out to the ring, and extended their hand to Colt Cabana again. After they all left, Matt Hardy made his way out to the ring to talk to Sammy Guevara. He told him that he must leave Chris Jericho behind to reach his full potential. Guevara doesn’t trust Hardy in this way and finds him to be crazy after three different personalities of Hardy talked to him.

Next up was a video package of Joey Janela, who talked about his struggles of the last few months. This video package ended with him running into Sonny Kiss, and it looked like this could be a new team on the rise. Also, Alex Marvez was waiting outside the area to interview Jon Moxley. Taz finally heard enough from Moxley, but that wasn’t all, Brian Cage snuck up behind him to attack him, and he slammed Moxley onto the back window of a car before walking away.

The main event was due up, Cody vs. Marq Quen for the TNT Championship. This match started with Cody trying to use his strength to gain the early control, which he did. He also attacked Marq Quen’s ankle which was hurt a few weeks back. Cody continued to work on that for a while until Quen started to use his quickness to gain control back. He hit a beautiful reverse corkscrew DDT that gave him major momentum. Throwing caution to the side, Quen hit another fantastic move, a 450 splash onto Cody on the rampway. But, when he was about to go for shooting star press, Cody moved out of the way and left no one home for Quen. Cody followed that up with a putting him right into a submission forcing him to tap out. Cody continues on as TNT Champion.

Following the match, Jake Hager made his way to the ring, but the greats of Private Party and Matt Hardy comes out to assist the two for an attack. Also, the Inner Circle was not far behind them. Cody knew what Hager wanted, he gave him a TNT Championship match at Fyter Fest.

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Will Cody even be the champion when Fyter Fest occurs this year? He still has a few more open challenges before then. Next week will be another action-packed show.

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