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RECAP: WWE Backlash Pay-Per-View

Photo: WWE

WWE Backlash is here! We have a great card ahead of us. Take a look at our predictions and let us know how you felt about them and if you agreed or not! 

Andrade and Apollo Crews kicked off the pre-show. Andrade was escorted to the ring by Zelina Vega as always, but surprisingly enough Angel Garza was still by his side. Andrade pinned his partner Garza last week on Raw to be the number one contender. The match started out all Andrade until Crews flipped him over onto the diamond plate ground. Andrade went for a high flying stomp and it backfired big time. A huge turn of events and this match was all Crews at that point.

Andrade caught a break, took advantage of the situation, and was in disbelief after a two count. Garza attempted to provide a distraction and Kevin Owens took swift care of him. One power bomb later and that’s all she wrote! Apollo Crews captured the first win of the night.

The debut match of WWE Backlash featured the IIconics, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, and the champions, Bayley and Sasha Banks. Billie Kay, Bayley, and Nikki Cross started out in the ring. No decisive favorite was noticeable at the early stages of the match. A series of 2 counts and reversals were the story of the bout to that point. Alexa Bliss went on a rampage, knocking down everyone in the ring besides her partner, but couldn’t finish a pin. After a crazy turn of events, Sasha and Bayley retained the women’s tag team titles after a sneak pin by Sasha on Bliss.

Next on the card featured Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. The match started with Sheamus absolutely manhandling Hardy. A running jump by Hardy off of the steel steps changed the momentum. Not before too long, tables had turned once again and this match was all Sheamus. A couple of back breakers and a two count, and Jeff Hardy was still somehow up and moving. Reversal, whisper in the wind, and a two count! Hardy could not put him away. A handful of high flying defects and reversals left both superstars exhausted. More back and forth fighting left Sheamus vulnerable, allowing Hardy to hit two different finishers, but Hardy still could not pin him. Ringside shenanigans left Hardy in a brutal state, allowing Sheamus to upset the WWE Universe and lock in the pin.

The long awaited and hate driven match between Asuka and Nia Jax was next up to watch for worldwide fans. Jax was hoping to leave the ring with a championship, but Asuka was prepared to do everything in her power to make that a dream and not a reality. Jax started the match using her size advantage and overpowering Asuka, but before too long Asuka put her in a submission hold and slowed the beastly woman down. Jax was dominating and crushing Asuka, and yet she still managed to somehow kick out through all this beat down. Too much time spent ringside ended up in a double count out. Asuka retained her title, but wasn’t done with Jax as she delivered a few more blows and took off to the entrance ramp.

Miz and Morrison made their way to the ring awaiting the beast of a man, Braun Strowman. The universal championship was on the line for this match. Mind games and trickery started this match off, favoring Miz and Morrison. A kick pissed Strowman off enough to momentarily reign hell on the tag team before they could regain their bearings on him. Strowman from his knees took control, but not for long. Strowman was struggling against the duo and the match started to look bleak for the big man. Morrison went for a pin and was pulled off by the Miz. A chokeslam and a flying strike put Strowman back in control to win the match.

Next up Drew McIntyre took on Lashley. Lashley wasted no time putting McIntyre into a full nelson before the match even started, three referees had to break up the scuffle after the cheap shot. When the bell finally rang, Lashley went for a stand-up suplex into an immediate pin and McIntyre managed to kick out. McIntyre was now able to get some momentum going but still not able to get his entrance gear off. MVP managing ringside, and Lana in the back, were continuously shown during the match. Lashley had not let up and all, just brutally attacking McIntyre. Once both were back to their feet, fans were witnessing a fair match. Lashley tried his hardest to lock in a second full nelson, but was not successful, McIntyre turned it into an Alabama slam. The risky high flying move by McIntyre did not pay off resulting in a caught submission move, then turning into a plethora of reversals. McIntyre tried a kip up but was caught into a reversal, but McIntyre was saved when Lana came ringside and distracted Lashley resulting in a pin and a retained title for McIntyre.

The pay-per-view then took an odd turn. The Street Profits jumped the Viking Raiders in the parking lot, essentially turning into a backstage brawl. After beating the crap out of each other, “ninjas” took over and united the newly found Viking Profits. After taking care of business, a massive ninja appeared with a sword and the team ran away. The Viking Raiders and the Street Profits momentarily wrestled once again and the match was called. There will be no title exchange for the tag team belts.

Randy Orton entered the ring, and waited for Edge to kick off the main event. The two didn’t take their eyes off of each other at all before the match was underway. The “ultimate opportunist” Edge, baited Orton out of the ring, and took advantage of a disoriented Orton to give himself the edge (pun fully intended).

Now in control of the match, Edge had a very close call with his locked in submission. Now ringside, Orton was using his surroundings as weapons just brutally beating Edge every which way. Steel steps, announcer table, plexiglass, and more were covered in the blood of each superstar. A classic Ric Flair “woo chop” kept momentum in Orton’s corner. Just when we thought he was done, Orton executed the superplex on Edge from the top rope but Edge would not be pinned. So many momentum turns in the match seemed vital but with how long the match was, it seemed to not matter.

Rock bottoms and pedigrees were being put to use, but more and more two counts were upon us. A series of sneak pins by Edge were not effective and he walked right into a RKO, but guess what, another two count. Two spears by Edge and then Randy Orton kicked out. From the middle rope, Edge got caught into a reversal, turning into a flying RKO, but yet another two count. A low blow followed by a running kick to the head of Edge finally locked in the win for Orton. An astonishing effort by both competitors in a long hard fought bout ended with Orton capturing the victory.

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