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Beer Review: Arrowhead Ales’ Blue Raspberry Vagrant

Looking for a sweet new sour to try? Voíla! Arrowhead Ales’ Blue Raspberry Vagrant is for you.

It’s summertime and what goes better with the warm weather than an ice-cold delicious sour? Being new to sours within the last year or so, I’ve been on a mission to expand my sour horizon this summer and I came across a very delicious one in Blue Raspberry Vagrant by Arrowhead Ales.

There are several key things that you need to know about this brewery and this particular beer:

  1. Arrowhead Ales Brewing Company is a local brewery in New Lenox. They have a nicely eclectic menu with several other sour flavors such as Lemon Barricade and Peach Cobbler.
  2. This beer is actually blue! Call me naive, but I’ve never experienced a blue-colored beer so I was childishly excited when I cracked it open.
  3. Blue Raspberry Vagrant has a typical 4.5% ABV and an extremely low 9 IBU. It’s a sour so the low IBU was expected.
  4. It sells for $14.99 per four-pack of 16oz cans, which is a pretty typical cost and well worth it.
  5. Lastly, THE BEER IS BLUE!
Universal Pictures/Imagine Entertainment/drschwa_96

I could easily drink the entire four-pack in one sitting with room left in the belly to spare. The taste is phenomenal and the sour isn’t overbearing like some sours can be. With every sip, you get a rush of cold blue-raspberry and tasty sour comes right after it.

I rate this beer an 8/10 cracks on the Crack Um scale and will most definitely be heading back to try the other flavors as well as getting more of this one.

Go check out Arrowhead Ales Brewing Company for yourself:

2101 Calistoga Dr New Lenox, Il. 60451

Don’t forget to use #CrackUm on Twitter to tell us your thoughts on Blue Raspberry Vagrant and show us what else you’re drinking!

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