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RECAP: WWE RAW – June 15, 2020

What went down in WWE Raw on 6/15/20?

Photo: WWE

The winner from the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever,” Randy Orton, opens the show. He talks about being the best ever and that he continues to prove it. Once he mentions that he wrote the last chapter for Edge, that prompts Christian to come out to the ring. He comes out to defend his friend, who is not able to be there due to an injury. This all comes to a head when Randy Orton tells Christian that he knows he is not medically clear to compete and offers him a way to fight. The offer to Christian is an Unsanctioned match, he gives him till the end of the night to respond.

Photo: WWE

Next up is a backstage encounter with Angel Garza and Andrade, as they are still having issues after what happened at Backlash. This is all before the start of the Angel Garza vs. Kevin Owens match. This one starts out quickly with Garza trying to get the early jump, but this time Owens is ready. They are interrupted early by Andrade, who makes his way down to the ringside area. Throughout the match, the issues between the team of Garza and Andrade ends up costing them in the end. Andrade gets on the apron and that distracts Garza, allowing Kevin Owens to hit the Stunner for the win. Following the match, Zelina Vega told the two of the men they need to really figure it out.

Bobby Lashley is backstage with MVP talking strategy for their tag match later in the night. They make their way to the ring and call out Lana to put all the blame on her for his loss at Backlash. Lashley then asks Lana for a divorce. The Street Profits are backstage with the Viking Raiders as they get ready for their eight-man tag match against Akira Tozawa and his group of ninjas. That match is next up, and the group of the Street Profits and Viking Raiders make quick work of their opponents. Following the match, Tozawa brings his monster of a ninja in the ring for backup. But The Big Show comes to the addition of the good guys. They clear the ring and we will surely see a match with all involved soon.

Seth Rollins is found backstage and interviewed about how Rey Mysterio’s son Domnik is on the lookout for him. He then comes out to the ring and talks about how Rey wouldn’t accept his invitation to come to talk to him. As Rey and Seth are talking, Domnik sneaks into the ring and attacks Seth Rollins before escaping through the crowd after his disciples rush the ring. In a backstage confrontation, R-Truth and Drew McIntyre decide to put their two titles on the line later that night against MVP and Bobby Lashley in a tag team match.

Photo: WWE

The next match is Liv Morgan and Natalya vs. The IIconics, who have control early on in the match until Liv Morgan gets tagged in. But just like the match, that is short-lived. Peyton Royce pins Morgan after a nice tag team finisher. They call out the women’s tag team champions, who do not show up. They demand a championship match for next week’s Raw. Big Show is then found talking with Christian trying to help him make the right decision for his career. Next, Natalya is backstage talking with Liv Morgan about what she lacks and is very upset with her. After Morgan leaves, Natalya strikes up a conversation with Lana who walks up to her. They talk about the rough nights that both women are having.

Christian comes out on the stage and announces he will agree to the match with Randy Orton. Next up was a match featuring Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin. On his way to the ring, Crews was stopped by MVP, who doesn’t agree with Crews being a fighting champion and that he could have MVP at his side. The match was a quick but competitive match. In the end, Shelton Benjamin tried to roll up Crews and put his feet on the ropes for more leverage, but got caught by the referee for cheating. Right after that, Crews rolled up Benjamin and pulled on the second rope for the leverage of his out but it was out of the referee’s view. So, Apollo Crews was about to steal a win that way.

Photo: WWE

The next match was R-Truth and Drew McIntyre vs. MVP and Bobby Lashley with the WWE Championship on the line. At the start of the match, McIntyre had all the control until R-Truth tagged himself in. Through this match, the goal for MVP and Lashley was made very clear: keep R-Truth in the match at all costs. They did a fine job of that for a good portion of the match. At one point, MVP had a close pin on R-Truth that would have lost the title for McIntyre. The match came to an end when McIntyre used the Claymore Kick, but he tagged in R-Truth who hit a splash off the top rope for the pin. It was a very nice sign of respect for that part.

Photo: WWE

The women’s tag team champions make their way to the ring. They came out to celebrate their victory and Sasha’s birthday. But they got interrupted by The IIconics, who just wanted an answer from earlier in the night. They got their answer after slapping Sasha Banks and upsetting the champions, so they accepted. The next match was the women’s championship match of Nia Jax vs. Asuka, which was a rematch from BackLash. Early on in this match, Asuka was using her speed to get control and she tried to get plenty of submissions. This match was all Asuka until she got caught by Nia’s power. However, the downfall of this match was Nia’s anger. She shoved the referee and Asuka rolled her up for a somewhat quick three count by the referee.

The main event of the night was the Unsanctioned match between Christian and Randy Orton. Ric Flair interrupted right before the match started to try one more time to get Christian to back out of the match due to his health. But, he told him that he had to do this. So the second the bell was rung, Flair walked behind Christian and hit him with a low blow. All Randy had to do from there was finish him off with a punt kick and the pin for the win. Following the match, Randy Orton kept talking to Christian and blaming him for making him do this and that at the same time he is sorry for doing it.

Photo: WWE

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