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RECAP: AEW Dynamite – June 17, 2020

A recap of all the action from AEW Dynamite on 6/17/20.

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

The show starts off on a hot note right away. The AEW World Tag Team Championships open with Hangman Adam Page and Kenny Omega vs. Natural Nightmares. Omega and Dustin start the match against each other, and early on Dustin got knees to the head and was a little lost after that. Kenny made a very sportsmanlike move and allowed him to tag out, so Kenny tagged Page in as well. Page was able to control Marshall for a little while before tagging Kenny back in, but shortly after that the Natural Nightmares gained some control over the champions. Marshall was able to get a two count while pinning Kenny after some great teamwork from the challengers. The Natural Nightmares were able to take major control of the match and seemed to have the win right in their hands. Things changed for them though when QT Marshall tried to impress Allie after she made her way out to the ring. The Champions hit The Last Call a few minutes later for the win.

The next match was Anna Jay vs. ABADON. Well, Anna Jay wasn’t quite sure to think of her opponent. She never really recovered from the start of the match, as ABADON made quick work of Anna and finished the match quickly for the win in her AEW Dynamite debut. Following the match, the Dark Order made their way to the ring for two reasons. They offered Colt Cabana a contract of some sort and they helped Anna Jay out of the ring and to the backstage area.

Billy Gunn vs. MJF was the next matchup after that. Billy is looking to be the one to end MJF’s undefeated streak in AEW in 2020. The match starts in a typical MJF fashion — he runs out of the ring after Billy gets some ring control. Once he gets back into the ring, MJF tries to get control of Billy’s arm but he isn’t quite strong enough to do so. The match changed into MJF’s control when he acted like he was leaving the match, and Billy went to get him back and carried him to the ring. That is when MJF tried to hang up Billy on the top rope but that only made him mad. What changed was when MJF hit a chop block on his opponent’s left knee. He took major control at that point and continued to work that over. Austin Gunn accidentally distracted the referee and Wardlow was able to wrap Billy’s knee around the ring post. The match came to an end when Wardlow was able to get MJF in the dynamite diamond ring when the referee was distracted. Once Billy got back in, all MJF had to do was hit him with the right hand and that was all for the match. The action did not stop there because as MJF was leaving, Jungle Boy Jack Perry stopped him on the way out. A major battle broke out between Luchasaurus and Wardlow.

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Le Sex Gods are interviewed backstage about the actions of last week. They talk about how they will take out the Best Friends just like they did to Orange Cassidy last week. They will then become the new number one contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. After that Tony Schiavone is interviewing Britt Baker, who is very upset at Tony for announcing the women’s title match at Fyter Fest. She wants to leave the interview but finds out that her driver is now Big Swole.

The TNT Championship match is next up. Cody heads to the ring with Arn Anderson. But before he announces who his match is against, he talks about how he is feeling alone because last week he got beat up by Jake Hager and had no support from The Nightmare Family or The Elite. He questions if he is even part of those groups right now. Arn Anderson announces that his opponent is someone he can hone skills on. We see a video package announce his challenger is “Absolute” Ricky Starks. The match starts off with some great back-and-forth competition between these two very even competitors. Cody took control for a short while until he made a mistake and Starks launched him into the middle rope. Arn Anderson was worried for a minute, so he distracted Starks but he was still able to maintain control. Cody was able to gain some control for a short time in the middle of the match, but Starks got it right back and was using his speed to stay on top of his opponent. The end of the match came when the two kept exchanging pinning chances. Cody was able to get Ricky Starks in a Cross Rhodes and dropped him for the pinfall win. They shook hands to end the great match they put on.

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Tag team action is next with Superbad Squad vs. The Young Bucks. This match came about due to both teams crossing paths last week during the tag team brawl after FTR’s debut. Jimmy Havoc took the early control for his team by attacking Matt Jackson’s injured ribs. That didn’t last long, as Nick Jackson was able to get a blind tag and The Young Bucks started to take control right back. The Butcher and The Blade kept yelling at them from the outside of the ring as well. They ended up distracting the referee and it helped Jimmy Havoc gain the control back for his team. They continued to work on Matt’s injury and kept him away from tagging his partner into the match. FTR made their way to the ringside to help keep The Butcher and Blade away from ruining this match. After some time, Matt was able to tag his brother Nick into the match, and that is when The Young Bucks were able to take back the control. Penelope Ford jumped into the match when the referees’ backs were turned to break up a submission attempt. Both teams had a few close pin attempts near the end of the match. But it all came to an end when The Young Bucks hit superkicks on both men. They then set up Havoc to get tombstoned by his own teammate. They hit a double team move on Sabian for the pinfall win. The Butcher and Blade jumped right into the ring and attacked The Young Bucks, and right after that FTR jumped into the ring to stop them. The segment came to an end with The Young Bucks hitting the Indytaker and FTR hitting the Mind Breaker at the same time.

Before the main event, we got two separate video packages. The first was Taz and Brian Cage talking about how they are beyond ready for the World Title match at Fyter Fest. Cage even mentions that he wishes how he could face him right now. After that, we hear from AEW Champion Jon Moxley, and he talks about being in this industry for one reason and one reason only — to hurt people. He will not back down from Brian Cage and is ready for the fight of his life. Also, there is finally an update on what happened between Britt Baker and Big Swole. Baker is found in a dumpster and she is not happy at all, so she ends up firing Reba but needs her help to get out so she rehires her. This story will continue to build until Britt Baker is cleared to compete.

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Time for the main event of the evening: Le Sex Gods vs. The Best Friends to see who will be the number one contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Matt Hardy is joining the commentary team for this match, as it was announced for next week he would be going one on one with Sammy Guevara. The Best Friends start the match fast by attacking Le Sex Gods right as the bell rings. They are showing off more aggression after what these two did to their friend Orange Cassidy last week. Right after they got Guevara back into the ring, they tried for a quick pin attempt. After Guevara was kicked out, he instantly tagged Jericho in to gain some momentum back for their team. Once Trent was able to get back into the match things turned around. He had total control against Guevara. However, Jericho then got involved on the outside with the bat to the midsection. Jericho and Sammy continued to work over Trent and even showboat. It ended up costing them when Trent was able to create enough room to get a tag off to Chuck. These two teams continued to battle back and forth for control. At the end of the match, Chuck started to get upset, so he went for a steel chair to hit Jericho, which prompted the referee to stop him from using it. With that distraction, Jericho tossed the bat inside the ring to Sammy who hit Trent with it. Sammy then went to the top rope to hit a Shooting Star Press and only got a two count! Trent sent Sammy into the ropes and he got tripped up by the Cameraman. Trent was able to hit a package pile driver for the win.

We found out at the end of the match that the cameraman that tripped Sammy Guevara was actually Orange Cassidy. He stepped into the ring and attacked Chris Jericho, showing the most aggression so far in AEW. We also find out at the end of the show that Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho is officially signed for Fyter Fest. The final scene is The Best Friends hugging Orange Cassidy to close the show.

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