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Cubs: Cubs On Tap – Two in One: MLB Vote & Jordan Nwogu Interview 🔊

A brand new Cubs On Tap for your enjoyment!

Photo: Cubs On Tap/On Tap Sports Net

On a brand new episode of Cubs On Tap, we bring you two episodes worth of content… literally! On the first portion of the episode, Juice, Cody and Ron discuss the MLBPA vote, what the possible ramifications of that could be, and what the future holds. Yes, the mandate was proposed as soon as we were done recording, but there is plenty of good content. If you want to listen to our interview with Jordan Nwogu, the Cubs 3rd round pick, you’ll want to start at 32:52. 

Cody and Ron interviewed Jordan about his time at Michigan, what it was like to be drafted by the Cubs, whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich, and so much more! Be sure to tune in to these two episodes worth of content in one podcast!

You can tune in on Apple Podcasts and Spotify among several different platforms in addition to the embedded media player below and as always on the podcasts tab of the website.

Work as an accountant by day. Huge Chicago sports fan. Played college football and only wish I could skate well enough to play hockey. Twitter: @rnldluce Instagram: @rnldluce

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